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Seamless Email Integration

How many emails do you send and receive each day? Probably more than you’d like to count. Manually tracking these emails can be a time-consuming process. And, if you adhere to industry or government requirements, it’s a process that must be error-free. StarfishETL server-side email tracking matches each conversation with its respective email address in your CRM.

StarfishETL can even create new records in your CRM for support cases based on an email address, or create leads based on inboxes, and then automatically assign the support tickets and leads to appropriate parties. Experience the seamless integration capabilities of StarfishETL for yourself. Start your email integration today!

Why StarfishETL?

Your data isn’t ordinary. It’s a remarkable reflection of your business relationships, financial achievements, and service performance. Integrating systems with an inflexible, unsecured, or overpriced platform leaves the extraordinary potential of your data on the table. StarfishETL is a powerful and highly-adaptable platform that uses encrypted security, a network of supporting partners, and affordable pricing to give you integration peace of mind.