Adaptable HCL Domino Connections

Adapt HCL Domino on-demand by moving, managing, and governing your data with StarfishETL. Effortlessly migrate data to HCL Domino, or integrate HCL Domino with other applications to support your growing business.

Superior HCL Domino Integration

Integrating HCL Domino enriches omnichannel communication and helps you make data-informed decisions. But what makes integrating with StarfishETL superior? A library of pre-configured maps, connectivity for Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid applications, and low-code accessibility – to name a few. Start your project today or learn about our full-service integration options via the button below.

Hassle-Free Migration to HCL Domino

When you’re ready to migrate to HCL Domino, you want the transition to be smooth. We make your migration hassle-free with the ease of low-code. Use pre-configured maps to migrate faster and add your custom fields without a ton of heavy coding. Choose to do it yourself (DIY), or let our experts handle the migration on your behalf. Get moving on your migration today!

Why StarfishETL?

Your data isn’t ordinary. It’s a remarkable reflection of your business relationships, financial achievements, and service performance. StarfishETL is a powerful and highly-adaptable platform that uses encrypted security and advanced platform capabilities to give you integration peace of mind.

Data Security Backed by Amazon Web

When it comes to your sensitive information, we don’t take anything for granted. StarfishETL doubles down on data safety by providing strict data encryption, cloud security, and data law compliance via Amazon Web. Amazon checks it, we double-check it, and you reap the rewards of a secure system.

SOC2 Compliant

StarfishETL will be SOC2 compliant by the end of 2022. SOC2 is a voluntary compliance standard for service organizations developed by the American Institute of CPAs. It specifies how organizations should manage customer data based on criteria around security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

iPaaS Enabled

iPaaS stands for Integration Platform as a Service, and it is one of the most dynamic and powerful platforms available for enabling the development and governance of integration flows across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. It can connect any combination of processes, services, applications, or data within an individual organization or across multiple organizations, making it highly adaptive for nearly any business requirement.

Low Code

StarfishETL is built on a low code platform that enables the use of visual, drag-and-drop features to complete aspects of the project that would have otherwise required coding knowledge. Low code makes it possible for less technical users to understand and make edits to their projects without a heavy reliance on IT or DevOps knowledge. It is a powerful ally for building modern applications and workflows faster.