Setting You Up For Success

Clean data is at the heart of every project. For digital transformation to be effective, the information that fuels it must be organized, void of duplicates, and complete. Whether you're integrating, building a data warehouse, or moving to a new application, starting with the freshest, most comprehensive data is key. Through partnerships with DQ Global and others, StarfishETL helps you create the data accuracy to set you up for success.

Data Cleaning & Enhancement Use Cases

Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) requires consistent information, consistent formatting, data accountability, and data accuracy. Data enhancement fills in the missing information that is necessary to comply with your MDM governances.

Data Warehousing Preparation

Moving data into a data warehouse creates new opportunities for analytics and intelligent application across the enterprise. Accurate data is essential to driving these outcomes.

Migration & Integration

The reason people integrate solutions or migrate to new ones is usually because they need better alignment or more accurate analytics. If data isn’t consistent between systems, these goals cannot be achieved. Data cleaning provides accurate, uniform information across all systems.

Data Quality Management

Data quality management is a set of policies and standards around how data is inputted and maintained in the system so that it's easily retrieved and reported on. Complete and organized data makes it easier for management to make critical business decisions on the information they collect.

AI Project Prep

If you plan to use Artificial Intelligence in support of an initiative, the data fueling that project must be accurate and complete. Data cleaning and enhancement accelerates the AI learning process.

Boosted Productivity

Instead of spending time digging through different information sources, teams with clean and complete data can save time and energy by accessing what they need from one source. Imagine the productivity boost of not having to bounce between systems.

How Can StarfishETL Help Me with Data Cleaning & Enhancement?

Automating periodic CRM data cleaning
Maintaining application system quality
Integration and migration preparation
Supporting master data management strategy
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How much data cleaning do you need? We'll assess your data volume, project goals, and current infrastructure to create a personalized quote for your data cleaning project.

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About DQ Global

DQ Global is a data quality management company with more than 25 years of experience. Their expertise in data deduplication and data cleansing makes them a powerful ally for helping customers properly vet data and prepare it for their upcoming projects. StarfishETL works together with DQ Global and other vendors to provide efficient, thorough data quality management services.

Satisfied Customers Since 1991

One of StarfishETL's strengths is its interface. It is very intuitive, so any database connoisseur can handle it. This point is important in my organization because investing so many resources in training is unnecessary when a new employee arrives.
Charles C.
It's cost-effective and flexible. It runs on prem, in cloud, or virtual private cloud, and works w/ on prem and cloud data sources. And they are super responsive.
Brad D.
The number of connectors were off the charts. Building the maps between the two different databases (one being a Client Server app, and the other being 'in the cloud' was easier than i thought it would be. Very powerful code based options.
Joe I., NEC Display Solutions
The customer support that we received from the Starfish support team was phenomenal. They are dedicated and do everything they can to make sure your migration is successful. Our migration to Salesforce involved moving over 3 million records - and the Starfish team was there whenever we needed them.
Mohit M., Dinan & Co, LLC
We have an extremely customized database that works great for our business but maintaining the data has been challenging. Starfish has significantly improved our staff's productivity by allowing us to import several layers of records that are extremely time consuming to create manually.
Katie T., National Bureau of Property Administration
Our consultant, Opfocus found Starfish ETL for us and we wish we found them 4 weeks earlier. They handled out GM migration to SFDC within 3 days and without any problems.
Crystal H., Vector Software
Starfish is great for keeping track of the status of individuals and alerting colleagues of concerns as well as the individuals about their performance
Amy D., US Army
I used StarfishETL for converting from a on-premises CRM to a cloud based CRM. This tool is powerful and fast. I cannot image ever using any other tool for migrating or integrating data.
Luke R., Resolv Inc.
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