Preparing Your Data for Integration: A Must-Have Checklist for Success

Before embarking on your data integration journey, it’s crucial to ensure your data is primed for the seamless transition you are aiming for. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to help determine if your data is ready for an integration project.

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Data Management, Data Integration, Data Migration

Understanding Data Mapping: A Crucial Tool for Modern Businesses

As organizations generate and accumulate vast amounts of data from various sources, the need to manage this data effectively becomes paramount. One key process that helps in efficiently handling this data is data mapping. But what exactly is data mapping, and why is it so important? Let’s dive into…

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data mapping
AI and Machine Learning

Leveraging Machine Learning Capabilities With Python in 2024

Discover the latest trends and techniques for leveraging Python in machine learning applications. From AutoML to model explainability, stay ahead in 2024's dynamic AI landscape.

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Python programming

What is ETL and What can it do?

What exactly is meant by “Extract, Transform, Load”? How do each of these stages contribute to a seamless integration project? Here’s a quick breakdown.

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Data Integration

3 Early Warning Signs of Data Integration Disaster

Whatever the reason may be, the goal is to walk away from the project with a new level of efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage. Unfortunately, not every project enjoys those outcomes. In fact, some studies estimate more than 80% of all integration projects fail. Don’t start panicking…

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how to avoid integration disaster
Data Integration, CRM

Optimizing Mortgage Operations with LOS and CRM Integration

The data in each of these systems is useful on its own, but far more powerful when combined and accessible between marketing and product teams. Let’s learn more about why mortgage operations are optimized through LOS and CRM integration.

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LOS and CRM integration

The Intersection of AI and Data Integration and What it Means for your Future Projects

AI and machine learning are making it easier for businesses to leverage their data intelligence and expand on the benefits of integration. Let’s look at how AI and data integration intersect and what those applications might mean for your future projects.

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What Drives Up the Cost of Integration? Factors You Should Know

Integration costs aren't always black and white. Avoid any surprises on the price of your integration by being aware of all possible cost drivers. Here are some of the biggest factors that can drive up the cost of integration.

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Enhancing Patient Care: 6 Key CRM Integrations for Modern Healthcare Providers

As the healthcare market caters to evolving patient demands, integrating CRM with other applications becomes essential. Integrated platforms support healthcare operations by improving the patient experience, facilitating faster payment turnarounds, increasing coding accuracy, simplifying referrals…

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CRM healthcare
Data Integration, PayPal, DocuSign

Popular Finserv Integrations to Supercharge Operations

StarfishETL integrates applications for banks, insurance agencies, investment management companies, wealth management firms, lenders, and others in the industry. To supercharge operations, Finservs are connecting applications across the spectrum. Here are the most popular Finserv integrations we…

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popular finserv integrations
Data Integration, CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Big Data & Analytics

9 Must-Have Integrations for the Manufacturing Industry

As global manufacturing searches for stabilization, a digital revolution is underway. Manufacturers already rely on multiple software applications to meet competitive standards, but to solidify their future, they must integrate. Here are the must-have integrations they’re prioritizing:

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manufacturing integration

Don't Let These CRM Challenges Hold Your Small Business Back

CRM is a critical component of any business strategy, but small businesses face unique challenges that can prevent them from enjoying its full benefits. By addressing these challenges, small businesses can improve their CRM strategy, enhance customer relationships, and drive sales growth. Overcoming these hurdles takes the right tools, technical resources, and strategies.

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Risk mitigation

Mitigate Risk for Your Software Go-Live

Ageing systems will eventually require significant upgrades or total replacement. Whether you’re migrating to a new solution or managing a complex upgrade, there will always be risks involved. Your teams should understand what’s at stake from both a business and technical perspective and know the…

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risk mitigation for software go-live
Business Intelligence

Watch for These Intelligent Automation Trends in 2023-2024

Intelligent automation has already revolutionized the way we conduct business. It has minimized waste, cut down on labor costs, made customized products and services more attainable, and improved workplace safety. The use of intelligent automation continues to evolve, and it’s presenting new…

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intelligent automation
Data Integration, CRM

How StarfishETL Helped an Office Furniture Retailer Monitor Customer Data More Effectively

As an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), StarfishETL was agile enough to create the data connections Rework demanded in its current state, but also scalable enough to adapt when the company’s needs shifted. Combining rich CRM sales data, marketing intent data, and real-time website…

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Rework office furniture

How an iPaaS Protects Sensitive Data and Complies with Privacy Regulations

Sharing information between applications can help businesses scale, but without proper compliance and privacy, costs may outweigh benefits. An iPaaS protects sensitive data so businesses can enjoy more benefits with less risk. We’ll highlight how in this post.

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iPaaS, Data Integration

How iPaaS Speeds Up Integrations for Better Outcomes

Everybody wants to enjoy the benefits of integration as soon as possible. The whole point of the process is to squeeze the most value out of data spread across systems. However, integration projects aren’t always as smooth and speedy as everybody would like. Because every business has unique…

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iPaaS integration
Data Integration, iPaaS

HR Integration: Benefits, Challenges, and Types

HR teams are expert jugglers. However, as companies expand and HR responsibilities become more complex, the standard capabilities of the HR solution aren’t always enough. Teams need increased functionality, smarter reporting options, and easier access to data. Integrating your HR system is a…

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HR Connectors

Fuel Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics with Integration

Data-forward businesses use analytics to drive their decision making. The meaning behind those analytics requires teams to look at the past, the present, and the future. That’s where descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics models come into play. Each of these analytics types serves a different purpose and is informed through integration. Let’s look at how we can fuel descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics with integration for streamlined and simplified decision making.

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Data Governance, Data Integration

Maintaining Data Governance During Your Integration

Data governance is a multi-level, multi-departmental effort. It’s defined by how data is ingested into systems, how data is retained and stored throughout systems, how it’s shared, how it’s archived and backed-up, recovered, and deleted. Data integration ingests and shares data between solutions…

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data governance during integration
Sales, Data Integration

5 Ways Integrations Can be Used to Boost Sales Automation

Sales software like CRM enables this automation to some extent, but integration with other applications is what really supports fully automated experiences. As an iPaaS integrator, we’ve seen businesses connect all kinds of varying tools in an effort to put more intelligent automation practices in…

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sales automation
Data Integration

What Are Data Integration Patterns?

Integrated data helps businesses unearth new analytics and eliminate redundant tasks. So, it’s no wonder more and more organizations are integrating core systems like Marketing Automation with CRM or eCommerce with ERP to dig deeper and scale effectively. Data integration patterns are important…

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Data Integration Patterns

What’s the Difference Between Batch ETL and Streaming ETL?

Batch ETL used to be the mainstay of ETL processes, but in recent years more and more businesses are converting to streaming ETL frameworks. Today, let’s clarify what batch ETL and streaming ETL are, the benefits and uses of each, and where ETL is headed in the future.

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Data Integration, Pipedrive, QuickBooks

4 Use Cases for Pipedrive and QuickBooks Integration

Pipedrive and QuickBooks integration is one of the most popular application connection requests we get. Why might that be so? Any time a company can unite their front and back office operations, it’s a win for the sales and invoicing process. Here are the four use cases we see most for Pipedrive…

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quickbooks pipedrive integration

How Sales Leaders Capture More Accurate Reports with StarfishETL

Intelligent reporting helps teams build the most informed approach to their sales strategy. Forecasts, year-over-year sales histories, MQL to SQL conversions, and customer retention rates are just a few of the
report types that educate sales executives on what’s working and what isn’t. Data-centric
businesses use integration strategies to unlock hidden trends and help teams expand those reporting functions. The number of integrations and types of applications you combine are independent to your sales goals and budget, but here are a few of the most common ways StarfishETL is used to help sales leaders capture more accurate reports.

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