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Today’s business environment is more complicated than ever. An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) provides the tools to successfully connect all business applications with real-time, scalable ETL to grow and evolve as needed. Future-proof your business and navigate your data your way using StarfishETL’s iPaaS.

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StarfishETL migration gets you started faster, with security and simplicity. The process is easy: select the application connector, supply the necessary information to connect, and you are ready to go. Try the experience. See your data live in your new CRM risk-free. 

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StarfishETL is a leader in Small Business ETL Tools on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in ETL Tools on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in On-Premise Data Integration on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in Small-Business ETL Tools on G2

Get the Most out of Your Data with CRM Integration 

To truly understand your customers and exceed their expectations, all teams must be connected. StarfishETL integrates ERP, marketing, email, social media, and even obscure systems with your CRM to empower your data and enhance your relationships. Check out some common integration use cases below to find the one that fits your needs.

Align Your Front & Back Office With ERP Integration

CRM and ERP integrations are most commonly performed by companies looking to align their financial information with the sales, marketing, and services insights of CRM. The intersection of these two systems streamlines processes, delivers faster access to critical data like customer financials and order histories, and enables stronger forecasting capabilities.

StarfishETL offers extensive integration capacity for all the major ERP and CRM solutions on the market. Have a more obscure system? We can work with that, too.

Generate Leads & Insights with Email Integration

Integrating your CRM with your email providers has numerous time-saving benefits, especially if you must adhere to industry or government requirements for email documentation. Server-side email integration reduces risk by recording all emails for matching email addresses in a conversation. Email integration can also boost productivity by synchronizing CRM with your email client for appointments, activities, and contacts. Leads and support cases are automatically generated as well. StarfishETL supports the three major email systems – Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and Lotus Notes. Get started with your email integration today.

Boost Customer Engagement With Marketing Integration

Integrating your marketing automation helps you build a single source of truth where all your information works together to paint the most accurate picture of your data and increase customer engagement. Integrating CRM and marketing automation gives you dynamic, self-updating lists for drip campaigns, nurture programs, and many other marketing functions. Click the button to start integrating your marketing automation now.

Respond Faster With Social Media Integration

Stay current on what your customers are talking about and improve your accessibility by integrating social media. Social media sidebars keep sales and service teams up-to-date on what customers are talking about so they can respond faster and be more relevant. Use social integration to automatically create a support case or lead in your CRM. It’s an effective way to stay on top of your customer community. Begin your CRM and social media integration today. 

Safeguard Critical Business Information 

StarfishETL is so much more than an integration tool. It has the power to manage, backup, and clean your data, too. Data backup safeguards your valuable business information against hacking, system outages, and other unforeseeable hiccups. It gives your clients peace-of-mind that their sensitive information is safe in your hands. Use StarfishETL to transform data from two fields into one, or create rules for data entry in your CRM. The use cases for StarfishETL data management are limited only by your imagination.

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When you truly care about your customers, it shows. Our support team and network of partners are dedicated to the details, because no matter how big or small, how simple or complex, every project is important to us. We work with you to keep your project on the path to success. Contact us today for help with your implementation.