More Than an Integration Solution

StarfishETL is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), and although “integration” is in the name, it’s capable of much more. An iPaaS lives in the cloud and can integrate different systems by using their APIs. This makes it adaptable beyond integration for migration, data governance, and data cleansing. Unlike traditional integration apps, StarfishETL provides low-code mapping and powerful scripting tools to manage, personalize, and manipulate data at scale.

iPaaS Use Cases

Universal connectivity
Data integration
Multi-Cloud data sync
Data delivery for IoT integration
Embedded integrations
B2B integrations
App-to-App integrations
Complex data transformations
Data delivery for Cloud data warehousing
Data delivery for advanced analytics
Power for cloud analytics
Elimination of data silos
Big data analytics
Retire legacy integration frameworks

Understanding StarfishETL Terminology

Whether you’re modifying data in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, it’s important to understand the features and capabilities available to you. Here’s a quick reference of some key StarfishETL terminology.


A connector is a StarfishETL API that translates to the native application API. More than 20 years of integration experience stands behind our library of 375+ StarfishETL connectors for CRM, ERP, marketing automation, social media, emails, documents and file systems, data repositories, and other services.


Maps are the blueprints that outline where data should move from one application to another. StarfishETL can generate starter templates to reduce the manual mapping necessary to move data. This can reduce up to 70% of the work related to data mapping. Common transformations are built into StarfishETL, allowing you to transform your data from a dropdown list.


When a common transformation isn’t available, StarfishETL users can apply C#, Python, VBScript, or JavaScript scripting languages to map their data.

Monitoring & Notifications

Monitoring and notification tools trigger workflows, generate activities, alert team members, and flag issues.

Mapping Your Data with the Cloud Cartographer

Just as a real cartographer creates maps, StarfishETL’s Cloud Cartographer maps data between applications and databases. The Cloud Cartographer gives you access to iPaaS functionality for:

Drag-and-Drop Mapping

The StarfishETL Cloud Cartographer is based on a visual interface that makes it easy to perform field-to-field mapping, create data transformations, control projects and workflows, test your integration, and manage your data project on your terms. Add and edit custom fields and map only what you need to create a completely personalized integration experience.

AI-powered Connections

StarfishETL’s AI-powered Stitch Engine uses software patterns to build integrations based on heuristics. This allows the system to rapidly develop new integrations that can later be personalized by users to accelerate development and streamline architecture.

Purpose Built Integrations

Our integration starter maps were designed specifically for product integration based on feedback from our customers. The integrations are designed for the most commonly requested mappings and are tested and optimized to make your project as simple and clean as possible.

Extensibility Through Scripting

Work beyond the constraints of a basic integration with StarfishETL’s advanced scripting functions. StarfishETL supports several major scripting languages, including Python, VBScript, C#, and JavaScript, so you can script your way to data empowerment.

Secure On-Premises Connections

Ready to integrate to your legacy systems? StarfishETL’s Ray technology saves you from having to work locally or exposing your servers through an unprotected firewall to integrate. The Ray connects to a locally installed agent and securely accesses protected internal systems to eliminate firewall constraints and concerns. Whether integrating two in-house systems or your on-prem and Cloud solutions, StarfishETL has you covered.

Scalable Data Capacity

Whether you’re a multinational Enterprise or a tiny startup, StarfishETL has the data capacity you need to scale for growth. The dynamic platform runs on AWS and offers Amazon Elastic Cloud to adjust to any size data capacity. Easily adapt your integration to your preferences, loading only the data you need and excluding unnecessary data loads.

What are my Deployment Options?

The beauty of iPaaS is its flexibility. Projects are deployed in whatever way best matches your specific requirements.

Cloud Deployment

StarfishETL is a cloud deployment, with new features being added every month. StarfishETL secures your data through encrypted connections between systems.

Hybrid Deployment

Hybrid deployment is the perfect solution for legacy systems. If your system is not available on the internet, StarfishETL installs its Ray component to allow access to it through a firewall.

On-Premises Deployment

Ultimate customers have the option to install StarfishETL in their private cloud or on-premises to provide an additional level of security and improved performance.

About StarfishETL

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Proven Excellence

One of StarfishETL's strengths is its interface. It is very intuitive, so any database connoisseur can handle it. This point is important in my organization because investing so many resources in training is unnecessary when a new employee arrives.
Charles C.
It's cost-effective and flexible. It runs on prem, in cloud, or virtual private cloud, and works w/ on prem and cloud data sources. And they are super responsive.
Brad D.
The number of connectors were off the charts. Building the maps between the two different databases (one being a Client Server app, and the other being 'in the cloud' was easier than i thought it would be. Very powerful code based options.
Joe I., NEC Display Solutions
The customer support that we received from the Starfish support team was phenomenal. They are dedicated and do everything they can to make sure your migration is successful. Our migration to Salesforce involved moving over 3 million records - and the Starfish team was there whenever we needed them.
Mohit M., Dinan & Co, LLC
We have an extremely customized database that works great for our business but maintaining the data has been challenging. Starfish has significantly improved our staff's productivity by allowing us to import several layers of records that are extremely time consuming to create manually.
Katie T., National Bureau of Property Administration
Our consultant, Opfocus found Starfish ETL for us and we wish we found them 4 weeks earlier. They handled out GM migration to SFDC within 3 days and without any problems.
Crystal H., Vector Software
Starfish is great for keeping track of the status of individuals and alerting colleagues of concerns as well as the individuals about their performance
Amy D., US Army
I used StarfishETL for converting from a on-premises CRM to a cloud based CRM. This tool is powerful and fast. I cannot image ever using any other tool for migrating or integrating data.
Luke R., Resolv Inc.
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high performer americas fall 2023
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Best usability fall 2023

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It’s important for us to not only live these values, but also connect them to our customer and client experiences. A key factor in learning more about others is understanding and appreciating each other’s differences. We aspire to be better each day and celebrate these differences with those around us.

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