Data Services to Uncomplicate Your Projects

Moving data and connecting systems can get complicated. Not all of us have the time or the skillsets necessary to do the job correctly. If you need help with your data project, we’re here to assist. Our experienced team members and partners are ready to support your data journey from beginning to end. Read below to learn about our data services and request help with your next project.

Full Service Integration

Whether your integration is perplexing or just too time consuming, full-service integration removes the stress by partnering you with an experienced team member. With time-tested strategies and elegant execution, we take on the entirety of your project to build functional data relationships.

Data Cleaning & Enhancement

Clean data drives accurate analytics, data privacy compliance, and effective digital transformation initiatives. Every data project should begin with this crucial step. StarfishETL can help.

Full-Service Migration

Avoid unnecessary slowdowns and mishaps with a full-service migration from StarfishETL. We’ll work in all the necessary data cleaning, security protocols, custom field migration, and user permissions for a successful, personalized migration.

Data Governance

Data standardization, audit preparedness, and accurate monitoring and tracking are just a few of the benefits of successful data governance. The iPaaS capabilities of StarfishETL can help your teams deliver on their data governance initiatives.

Notification Management

There are thousands of beneficial use cases for notification management, whether you’re aligning sales activities, streamlining customer experiences, or sending out important messaging. StarfishETL can inspect data between different systems and act on it to trigger workflows, create notifications, and generate activities.

Siloed Data Management

Siloed data hinders proper analytics, makes forecasting more difficult, and risks data quality issues. Removing those barriers builds data transparency that informs smarter business decisions and accurate data analysis. StarfishETL’s iPaaS provides the tools and resources to eliminate siloed data from your organization.

Data Lakes & Warehouses

StarfishETL is the perfect solution to help your organization build and maintain your data stores. If you have multi-data sets you wish to mashup in a data lake for reporting or analysis, StarfishETL can quickly build that system. We support most databases including most Big Data data stores and Object databases.


iPaaS (integration platform as a service) is the most powerful way to connect data, no matter where it resides. Unlike limited functionality no-code solutions, StarfishETL offers easy-click-mapping, but also delivers powerful tools for building, personalizing, managing, and manipulating your data project to fit your goals.

Data Archiving

Regulations around the data storage apply to nearly every business today, whether B2B or B2C. Manually archiving that information is both inefficient and ineffective. StarfishETL can help you automate the process to keep data organized and easily retrievable.

Get Trained on StarfishETL

Want your in-house development team to handle your next migration or integration? Sign them up for developer mentoring. In either a 4 or 8 hour course, they will work side-by-side with one of our experts to create connectors and maps in StarfishETL. Use this training opportunity to build skillsets for success.