Accelerate Your Migration with Starter Templates

When you're migrating to a new CRM solution, there's some basic data you'll always want to keep. Core info on Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Attachments are important for maintaining complete customer profiles. Starter Templates make it easier than ever to pull over this type of data by offering pre-configured connections to core migrating fields. Use a Starter Template to skip configurations for what you already know you need.

Migrate Standard Fields from Popular Business Applications

Migration starter templates connect the following core objects from one CRM or database to another. If you don't need all the objects provided, you can omit as many as you wish. If your project requires mapping beyond what is listed below, you can easily modify it to fit your specific needs.


What About Personalization?

The applications of CRM differ from company to company. If you require more than the starter template provides, you can simply add your custom fields to the mapping via our low-code Cartographer. Personalize your migration yourself, or get help from a trusted partner. Learn about full-service migration options and rates on the services page.

How Do Starter Templates Help?

CRM providers often label their standard fields differently. For example, one CRM may label business names as “Accounts” while another calls them “Companies”. Although the nomenclature is different, these fields represent the same data sets. To migrate, a developer must map similar fields so the platform understands that connection. Starter migration templates from StarfishETL bypass that setup by providing the baseline mapping upfront, so your data can be standardized and pulled into the new system sooner.

Which Starter Templates Are Currently Available?

Select your solutions from the options below. Don’t see your migrating solutions in the list? We’re adding new ones all the time. Drop us a line and let us know what you need!

What’s Included?

Every starter migration comes with the following. If your migration requires mapping beyond what is provided in the starter template, you can easily modify it to fit your specific needs.

Starter Migration Templates


/60 Days

  • 1 templated or custom map
  • 2 smart connectors
  • Access to Support resources, knowledge base and tutorials
  • Sophisticated monitoring and logging
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Chat or Email Support
  • 60 Day Migration Subscription, may be extended in 30 day increments

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts, Account parents, Contact, Cases, Leads, Products, Opportunities, Opportunity Line Items, Tasks, Events, Notes, Attachments

You don’t have to use them. You can simply remove or disable those fields from your mapping.

That depends. If you are mapping fields that can connect out-of-box, then no. If we must build a personalized map for complex customizations, that can tack on costs. If you know you need something like that, we recommend setting up a consultation meeting first so we can provide the most accurate quote. If you are comfortable with modifying using our platform, you can make the changes yourself and not incur any additional charges.

Yes, you have the ability to connect local data to migrate or integrate with other on-premises or cloud applications.

Yes! StarfishETL uses a combination of Amazon Web Services and our own encryption to keep your data safe at all times. Data is never stored at rest, and when processing, is never saved.

We offer developer mentoring hours if you’d like to handle your data project in house. View our Developer Mentoring page under Services to learn more about that. If you would like an outside party to help you, we can match you up with one of our developers or a nearby partner. Services from either StarfishETL or a partner will add an additional fee.

It depends on the complexity your project, but it usually takes 3-4 business days.

Priority transactions are data sets in your project that are processed first based on importance. Once you run out of priority transactions, your project may take longer to process.

Migrations are $1,495.00 for two months of access. If your project requires more time, you can extend your migration in 30-day increments for an additional fee.