Preparing Data for Reporting & Analysis

StarfishETL is the perfect solution to help you build and maintain your data stores. If you have multiple data stores you wish to mashup for reporting and analysis in a data lake or warehouse, StarfishETL can quickly build that system. We support many databases including most Object and Big Data applications.

Benefits of StarfishETL for Data Lake & Warehouse Prep

Low Code Interface

The Low code interface of StarfishETL makes it easy to scan, organize, and augment your data to optimize its uses in your data lake or warehouse.

Multiple Scripting Languages

Low code is an excellent option, but for teams that require complex data mapping, StarfishETL also supports scripting in C#, JavaScript, Python, and VBScript.

iPaaS Power

As an iPaaS platform, StarfishETL provides maximum flexibility for data projects. The ability to seamlessly connect data across platforms puts you in full control.

Secure Data Transfers

Encrypted data transfer and data in motion maintains tight security between cloud and legacy applications. StarfishETL supports only secure data transfers.

How Can StarfishETL Help Me Prepare my Data?

Pull from multiple source systems
Clean and validate data
Query data sets quickly
Automate building of data warehouse
Automate data lake upkeep
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Satisfied Customers Since 1991

One of StarfishETL's strengths is its interface. It is very intuitive, so any database connoisseur can handle it. This point is important in my organization because investing so many resources in training is unnecessary when a new employee arrives.
Charles C.
It's cost-effective and flexible. It runs on prem, in cloud, or virtual private cloud, and works w/ on prem and cloud data sources. And they are super responsive.
Brad D.
The number of connectors were off the charts. Building the maps between the two different databases (one being a Client Server app, and the other being 'in the cloud' was easier than i thought it would be. Very powerful code based options.
Joe I., NEC Display Solutions
The customer support that we received from the Starfish support team was phenomenal. They are dedicated and do everything they can to make sure your migration is successful. Our migration to Salesforce involved moving over 3 million records - and the Starfish team was there whenever we needed them.
Mohit M., Dinan & Co, LLC
We have an extremely customized database that works great for our business but maintaining the data has been challenging. Starfish has significantly improved our staff's productivity by allowing us to import several layers of records that are extremely time consuming to create manually.
Katie T., National Bureau of Property Administration
Our consultant, Opfocus found Starfish ETL for us and we wish we found them 4 weeks earlier. They handled out GM migration to SFDC within 3 days and without any problems.
Crystal H., Vector Software
Starfish is great for keeping track of the status of individuals and alerting colleagues of concerns as well as the individuals about their performance
Amy D., US Army
I used StarfishETL for converting from a on-premises CRM to a cloud based CRM. This tool is powerful and fast. I cannot image ever using any other tool for migrating or integrating data.
Luke R., Resolv Inc.
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