What is StarfishETL?

StarfishETL is much more than a low-code iPaaS. It’s a tool that delivers universal connectivity and actionable analytics for businesses around the globe. With the ability to connect any type of application from any on-premises, hybrid, or cloud source, StarfishETL puts the power of data back into the hands of business teams, allowing them to build successful and agile data projects that support scalability, innovation, and intelligent automation.


Our Origin Story

While consulting on software systems in the early 2000’s, our team faced a recurring obstacle: it was difficult to find a tool dynamic and scalable enough to execute all our customers’ data project requirements. So, we decided to build our own. In 2008, the StarfishETL platform was born.

Why a starfish? Starfish are resilient creatures whose intelligence is distributed throughout each arm. StarfishETL mirrors this intelligence in its ability to connect data to multiple solutions and evolve its usability through iPaaS.

StarfishETL DIEB Statement

StarfishETL believes that every person deserves a workplace that respects them and is inclusive of who they are. We strive to create comfort and belonging for all employees regardless of religion, skin color, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, differing abilities, or national origin.

It’s important for us to not only live these values, but also connect them to our customer and client experiences. A key factor in learning more about others is understanding and appreciating each other’s differences. We aspire to be better each day and celebrate these differences with those around us.

Our Core Values

Our values reflect a passion for what we do, a commitment to inclusion for every voice, and an aspiration towards persistent innovation.

Celebrated Differences

Every industry should consider its impact on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DIEB). However, the tech industry especially must stand at the forefront of these social values. We hold to the principles of DIEB to build an environment that values and celebrates differences and amplifies all voices.

Innovation Obsessed

We demand more of ourselves than to simply create something “good-enough”. We recognize that innovation is an ongoing process that must be constantly reevaluated and reinvented. That’s why we’re obsessed with innovating and improving.

Assured Integrity

To deliver quality services to our customers, we must follow through on our obligations, support our clients’ growth, and do it all with an enduring commitment to integrity.

Privacy First

Data is the most powerful—and the most vulnerable—asset for any business. Each project we undertake and each customization we build is accomplished with thoughtful reflection and high standards towards security and privacy.

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