CRM and ERP Integration

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ERP Integration at its Finest

CRM and ERP integration enables your teams to leverage a true 360-degree view of your customers. Sales can monitor new orders, track shipments, and follow up on past due invoices. Everyone can save time by avoiding duplicate data entry and simplifying business processes. Plus, aggregated data reveals patterns, buying habits, and predictive behaviors that might otherwise go unnoticed. That means every department can be more proactive, transparent, and efficient.

StarfishETL’s adaptable platform bridges your CRM and ERP without sacrificing data integrity. Its sophisticated integration platform secures your information through nearly any integration you require, making it the simplest, most affordable way to unify your front and back offices.

Why StarfishETL?

Your data isn’t ordinary. It’s a remarkable reflection of your business relationships, financial achievements, and service performance. Integrating systems with an inflexible, unsecured, or overpriced platform leaves the extraordinary potential of your data on the table. StarfishETL is a powerful and highly-adaptable platform that uses encrypted security, a network of supporting partners, and affordable pricing to give you integration peace of mind.