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Practical Marketing Integration

Integration between marketing automation and CRM has one of the most practical business use cases. Your CRM is a smorgasbord of customer insights that can easily translate to applicable marketing campaigns. Integrating it with your marketing automation means you’ll always have up-to-date lists, engagement histories, and marketing performance metrics at your fingertips – no matter which platform you’re using.

StarfishETL connects your CRM to popular marketing automation programs like Hubspot, Marketo, Act-On, and Pardot to align your marketing and sales efforts and keep everyone on target. Get started with your marketing automation integration today!

Why StarfishETL?

Your data isn’t ordinary. It’s a remarkable reflection of your business relationships, financial achievements, and service performance. Integrating systems with an inflexible, unsecured, or overpriced platform leaves the extraordinary potential of your data on the table. StarfishETL is a powerful and highly-adaptable platform that uses encrypted security, a network of supporting partners, and affordable pricing to give you integration peace of mind.