Accelo is a cloud-based CRM platform for managing and automating professional services operations. Accelo's suite of tools allow users to effectively manage all aspects of client work delivery. Traditional sales actions are initiated through the CRM solution, but Accelo also supports modules for project management, ticketing, retainers, timesheets, resourcing, and reports.

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Act! is a CRM solution originally designed for manufacturers that prizes its integration of marketing automation technologies with sales management on a centralized, singular platform. Within the CRM itself, Act! enables automated emailing with tracking, sales pipeline management, and customer support data sync to improve customer experience and retention for growing your business.

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ACT! 365

Act! 365 is a single-user subscription service that provides browser-based CRM functionality alongside email marketing tools. Named for its design being targeted toward Microsoft Office 365 users, Act! 365 provides a mobile and app-friendly CRM solution with centralized sales and marketing management available from a convenient online portal.

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Agile CRM

Agile CRM is comprehensive CRM solution geared towards small and midsize companies. The solution enables sales tracking, web analytics, marketing automation functions, contract management, helpdesk features, and more. Agile CRM helps teams build and manage the entire marketing and sales lifecycle.

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Bullhorn is a cloud-based CRM solution designed for the staffing and recruitment industries. It allows for complete management of the recruitment and application process, as well as tracking, all from a singular online portal.

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Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is a straightforward, online CRM solution that helps businesses manage contacts, grow relationships, create tasks and appointments, and customize fields and tags to their processes. Two-factor authentication secures the solution's data and the ability to connect it with supporting solutions extends its features and capabilities even further for sales, marketing, and services teams.

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Close CRM

Close CRM is an inside sales CRM geared towards startups and SMBs. The solution allows teams to manage relationships with leads and customers through a range of tools and functionalities for sales automation. Close CRM boasts a user-friendly platform and customizable dashboards for easy personalization.

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Copper is a CRM solution for automating data entry, managing sales opportunities, and building customer relationships. Formerly known as ProsperWorks, Copper touts comprehensive and easy-to-use features and is best known for its seamless Google Workspace integrations.

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Flowlu is a business workflow tool with features for cloud-based CRM, project collaboration, and online form building. This all-in-one business management solution provides task management, invoicing, customer management, and project and knowledge management.

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Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software program powered by Freshworks, Inc. Helping you to automate faster, Freshdesk has many support channels available to help you successfully communicate with customers.

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Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM solution geared towards small businesses. Its tools help teams organize and engage with leads and unify business processes. Freshsales is a sales force automation solution for managing customer engagement, client relationships, and leads.

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Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM is a digital-first CRM solution that offers a centralized platform for sales, marketing, service, and support. Its simple and intuitive design allows for a great deal of convenience when using any of its great variety of features, including support for AI-integrated lead generation and support, email campaign designers, accurate revenue forecasting, and much more.

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GoldMine is a comprehensive CRM software solution that features support for online, mobile, and on-premise functionality. GoldMine includes support for task assignment, sales forecasting, pipeline management, and more; all through a platform built for full software ownership.

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Highrise was a CRM solution for small businesses that prioritized task management and contact functionality. Though no longer accepting new sign-ups, existing Highrise customers can enjoy continued support, and newly interested customers can see what new projects are available on its successor: basecamp, whose shared infrastructure with Highrise means that it will continue to receive security and service updates.

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HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is an intuitive and robust software solution for all aspects of managing your business's relationship with your customers. Its convenient design allows you to manage your sales funnel from a single dashboard, or see all important information about a lead at once to maximize the efficiency of your sales and service employees.

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Infor CRM

Infor CRM is one of the most storied entries on the CRM market, with a legacy reaching back decades. Today it's a cloud-based, fully-integration capable, comprehensive software solution to customer relations management that promises to deliver on a fully functional platform with little total cost of ownership.

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Insightly is a cloud-based CRM for managing contacts and related organizations, vendors, and suppliers. The solution is geared towards businesses of all sizes and industries including manufacturing, professional services, media, health and wellness, education, retail, construction, and others. Insightly is a popular CRM solution for Google and Office 365 users in particular.

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Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is an all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation platform for capturing, organizing, tracking, and nurturing leads and contacts. The software provides SMS marketing, email template builders, invoice management, marketing automation, and sales analytics.

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LionDesk is an integrated CRM and marketing automation platform for real estate agents, teams, brokers, and lenders. This CRM, lead, and transaction management platform and offers features like intelligent drip campaigns, video and email texting, social demographic profiling, and an integrated power-dialer.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM solution developed by Microsoft that is sometimes also referred to as Dynamics 365. This sales management software is used to build complete customer profiles, deliver informed insights for sales action, drive sales and marketing productivity and effectiveness, and automate and streamline the sales process.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the comprehensive customer relations, service, and support solution designed by Microsoft. It's functionality has since been integrated into Dynamics 365, which carries on the legacy of Microsoft's centralized business software solution.

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NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation solution for managing leads, nurturing customers, creating and tracking email campaigns, and monitoring sales progress. As a Google Cloud partner, NetHunt CRM provides complete CRM functionality from within Gmail. The solution acts as a primary sales hub for Google Workspace users and can be integrated with other supporting solutions such as LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger as well.

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NetSuite is an integrated, cloud-based, software suite that combines the functionality associated with ERP, CRM, and ecommerce software. NetSuite can be used to track and manage inventory, accounting, as well as host stores and maintain customer engagement.

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OnePageCRM is a sales CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This cloud-based application touts itself as the first action-focused CRM software. OnePageCRM is based on productivity principles and uses a Next Action sales method to push teams from one completed action to another.

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Ontraport is a no code, all-in-one CRM platform that includes features to support sales and marketing. The application provides CRM, automation, payments, sales pipeline tracking, email and SMS, landing pages, and more. Ontraport is a CRM and automation platform designed for businesses of all sizes that are ready to scale.

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Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud is the comprehensive CRM solution brought to you by Oracle. Oracle Sales Cloud is built to facilitate all stages of your business processes with features for designing and tracking sales campaigns, developing leads, and staying engaged with your customer base.

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Pipedrive is a globally available, cloud-based CRM solution that is designed from the ground up by salespeople, for salespeople. Pipedrive is especially optimized for smaller sales teams that are managing lengthy or complex sales processes. Featuring the ability to synchronize schedules across devices, web and mobile app support, and automatic call and email organization, Pipedrive is built to deliver tangible results quickly for your sales and marketing teams.

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Pipeline CRM

Pipeline CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool geared towards small and medium-sized businesses. This cloud-based SaaS provides tools for organizing, tracking, and managing various sales stages. It includes email tracking and campaigns, a mobile app, user permissions, sales forecasting, custom fields, and unlimited file storage.

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Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is a sales CRM software that offers no-code workflow automation, visual reporting tools, drag-and-drop editing tools, and analytics for businesses of all sizes. Pipeliner CRM is a sales enablement solution geared towards salespeople and managers. The CRM is also accessible via a mobile app.

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Sage CRM

Sage CRM is a fully-managed CRM software solution and another entry in the Sage family of software products. Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, Sage CRM offers cloud and on-premise support alongside a host of features for better organizing and managing customer data and sales campaigns.

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Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio is a low-code development platform and CRM solution. As one of the leaders in low- and no-code development, Creatio is geared toward enabling all your employees to build out technological solutions and automate business processes with easy-to-use visualizations and UI designer tools.

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Salesforce is one of the leading offerings on the market today for CRM solutions. The fully integrated, online system allows for quick and easy management of all aspects of your business: from marketing, to sales, service, and commerce.

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SAP Hybris C4C

SAP Hybris C4C (Cloud 4 Customer) is SAP's cloud-based CRM software solution. SAP Hybris C4C combines the functionality of SAP Cloud for Sales/Marketing/Social Engagement/Service into a singular platform built for managing your customer information and relationships.

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Streak is a CRM platform specifically for Gmail that acts as a collaboration tool for increasing productivity through sharing files, creating emails, and sharing contacts. It allows users to manage workflows inside Gmail such as projects, customer support, sales, and hiring.

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Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell is a top-rated sales CRM software platform designed to created meaningful relationships. Customers use Sugar Sell to create workflows and automations that boost revenue, increase efficiency, reduce sales costs, and deliver more meaningful customer service.

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SuiteCRM is a free and open-source CRM software solution that was once a software fork of SugarCRM. SuiteCRM is intended to be a community maintained enterprise software alternative to proprietary CRM offerings. SuiteCRM itself provides a centralized platform for sales, marketing, and service with tools for workflow and process automation with real-time responsive reporting.

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Teamgate is a cloud-based CRM and sales automation solution for small and mid-size teams. Intelligent tools, sales pipeline tracking, powerful analytics, and multi-process management are a few of the features offered by the application. Teamgate easily integrates with supporting solutions like MailChimp, Freshdesk, Google Drive, OpenStreetMap, and Intercom for enhanced insights and data management.

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Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM is a powerful tool for compliance and used to manage customer relations. This platform was designed for biotech and life sciences companies so they can personalize customer experiences to focus on their growing businesses.

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Vtiger is a CRM software solution for small and medium-sized businesses that centralizes the sales, marketing, and customer support business processes of your enterprise. Vtiger includes support for a 360 degree customer view on a UI that is designed for maximum efficiency and responsiveness.

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Workbooks is a CRM software solution that provides value through the entire sales process by combining your sales, marketing, service, and order processing on one platform for maximum efficiency. Workbooks includes features for process streamlining and intelligent automation to make sure that your business is always delivering the best possible experience to your customers.

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Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell (formerly Base) is a salesforce automation software for sales teams. The solution tracks customer interactions and provides features to enhance pipeline visibility, productivity, and sales processes. Zendesk Sell is the CRM arm of the larger suite of Zendesk solutions.

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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a CRM software solution made with emphasis on workflow and pipeline automation to get the most productivity out of your workforce. Customers use Zoho's centralized platform for sales, service, and marketing.

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Don't Let These CRM Challenges Hold Your Small Business Back

CRM is a critical component of any business strategy, but small businesses face unique challenges that can prevent them from enjoying its full benefits. By addressing these challenges, small businesses can improve their CRM strategy, enhance customer relationships, and drive sales growth. Overcoming these hurdles takes the right tools, technical resources, and strategies.

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Optimizing Mortgage Operations with LOS and CRM Integration

The data in each of these systems is useful on its own, but far more powerful when combined and accessible between marketing and product teams. Let’s learn more about why mortgage operations are optimized through LOS and CRM integration.

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Enhancing Patient Care: 6 Key CRM Integrations for Modern Healthcare Providers

As the healthcare market caters to evolving patient demands, integrating CRM with other applications becomes essential. Integrated platforms support healthcare operations by improving the patient experience, facilitating faster payment turnarounds, increasing coding accuracy, simplifying referrals and follow-ups, and aggregating patient data across locations. Here are the top CRM integrations healthcare providers are prioritizing to build on these efficiencies.

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9 Must-Have Integrations for the Manufacturing Industry

As global manufacturing searches for stabilization, a digital revolution is underway. Manufacturers already rely on multiple software applications to meet competitive standards, but to solidify their future, they must integrate. Here are the must-have integrations they’re prioritizing:

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How StarfishETL Helped an Office Furniture Retailer Monitor Customer Data More Effectively

As an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), StarfishETL was agile enough to create the data connections Rework demanded in its current state, but also scalable enough to adapt when the company’s needs shifted. Combining rich CRM sales data, marketing intent data, and real-time website inventory numbers positioned Rework to serve customers more effectively.

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Do You Recognize The Early Warning Signs Of CRM Adoption Failure?

Many new CRMs will fail if not implemented correctly. The main reasons CRMs fail is due to poor adoption and implementation. Many of the causes behind these failures can be identified early-on in the CRM implementation process if you know what to look for.

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Beyond Price: 6 Factors To Consider When Buying New Software

The new year is a time of reflection and renewal. For many businesses, it’s also when they set their sights on additional software investments. In the search for a new CRM, marketing automation, ERP, or ecommerce software, there are some key factors to consider. For many organizations, this ain’t their first rodeo, but even if that’s the case, there are some considerations to keep top-of-mind when purchasing software—and they go beyond pricing and features. Here are the top things you must keep…

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CRM and ERP: The 7 Most Common Integration Use Cases

Talk to any integration expert and they’ll tell you: integration boosts productivity, collaboration, and analytical insights. However, integrating every field of data between a CRM and ERP is not a recommended best practice. Instead of creating more data transparency and simplifying data access, integrating too much information can create clutter and make it harder to spot important patterns.

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5 Use Cases for Infor Syteline Integration

In the past year, we’ve seen an explosion of Syteline integration requests. These projects range from more traditional connections like Syteline and CRM, to more unique ones, like connecting Syteline to the marketing automation solution. In this post, we’ll discuss the use cases for integrating Syteline with marketing automation, CRM, project management, email, and eCommerce as we’ve seen through our customers’ projects.

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Explaining B2B CRM and How it Boosts Corporate Processes

Today, a lot of factors influence the formation of healthy B2B relations. Personalization, attention to detail, and solid customer service are just a few. The B2B buying process is often longer and more complex than in B2C, which is all the more reason to adopt supporting solutions like CRM. Those solutions will help to streamline and automate the processes to get sales moving faster. 

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You Should Be Integrating QuickBooks with Your CRM. Here’s Why.

Your business, like any other, requires some sort of financial software to keep track of customer purchases, billing data, payroll data, etc. QuickBooks is a market leader in accounting software, so it makes sense that it’s a top choice for small and medium sized businesses that want to keep thorough and accurate accounting records.

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The Benefits and Challenges of CRM Migration

Migrating your CRM solution is a big deal no matter what software you’re moving to or from. Get it right, and your business will reap the rewards. Get it wrong, however, and you could be forced to deal with a lot of problems. It’s a complicated manuever that requires extensive planning and preparation. In fact, its complexity is often a reason why people choose to stick with their current solutions — and that’s why trusting an established partner is recommended to help make sure your migration…

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