5 Use Cases for Infor Syteline Integration

Deciding to integrate Infor Syteline requires several considerations. What are you trying to accomplish? Which teams will be benefited and how? How are other businesses integrating Syteline?  What benefits are they seeing from that?  Which integrations should be prioritized?

In the past year, we’ve seen an explosion of Syteline integration requests. These projects range from more traditional connections like Syteline and CRM, to more unique ones, like connecting Syteline to the marketing automation solution. In this post, we’ll discuss the use cases for integrating Syteline with marketing automation, CRM, project management, email, and eCommerce as we’ve seen through our customers’ projects.  

Infor Syteline & Marketing Automation

One of the most common integration scenarios is usually a connection between CRM and marketing automation. So, where does ERP and marketing automation fit? What are the use cases for connecting marketing data with back office operations?

One of the great things this integration can do is give the marketing team insights into customer purchases that would otherwise be invisible. For example, if a purchase is made through a customer service team who doesn’t have access to CRM or marketing, the purchase would reflect in Infor Syteline, but marketing would be blind to that interaction. By connecting the marketing solution with Syteline, the team could track what is being purchased, how much, by whom, and when, to better strategize marketing engagement activities.

Another use case for connecting Infor Syteline to a marketing solution is to use the information from Syteline to prompt marketing activities. For instance, utilizing order dates to trigger a campaign that reminds customers to reorder. Two of the most common Infor Syteline and marketing automation integrations we see are between Syteline and Pardot and Syteline and HubSpot.

Syteline & eCommerce

The ability to access account order histories, product warranty information, products, price books, and other financial data is why many businesses see value in ERP and eCommerce integration. Specifically, we’ve seen a lot of businesses integrating Syteline with either Magento, Shopify, or Square.

Through this back office connection, businesses can avoid duplicate data entry.  When Syteline and eCommerce are properly integrated, that automation can extend even further. Tax calculations from numerous tax jurisdictions, automated shipping management, onsite currency conversions, updating order history, inventory, shipping and automated invoice payments are just a few of these.

Infor Syteline & CRM

Perhaps the integration most businesses are familiar with is the one between an ERP and a CRM. Of these integrations, some of the most popular connections we see are between Syteline and either Dynamics CX, Salesforce, SugarCRM, or Creatio.

Connecting Syteline to CRM is a “no brainer” for many organizations. Uniting customer data from the CRM with financial data in the ERP builds a complete customer profile, which makes marketing, sales, and customer service more efficient and informed. Through this connection, businesses eliminate duplicate data entry, improve the quoting and order management process, provide order history to the sales team, and boost their ability to accurately forecast.

Infor Syteline & Email

Tracking communication throughout your organization with your customers is key to the 360 customer view. This is not a problem for those who use CRM, but for non-CRM / ERP users, information is lost.  Integrating Infor Syteline with your email system can capture that information in both the Syteline Note object and also in other operational systems where notes can be viewed.

Infor Syteline & Project Management

Many customers have a need for complex project management for support of software, IOT, or firmware. If you support products that contain software, service may be more than just replacing a part.  Customers who have the quality and service management modules of Syteline may consider integrating Syteline with their project management software such as Jira, GitHub, Wrike, or Microsoft projects. This would create a project based upon a template when a special type of case is opened and track all notes on the project tasks in the case module of Syteline. This enables the support team to analyze the status of any software development around the resolution of a defect or adding a new software feature.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to integrate your Infor Syteline with another business software, StarfishETL can help. Our powerful iPaaS solution can connect your Syteline to a CRM, eCommerce solution, marketing automation, email, or anything else your business may require. Custom fields are easily added through our Designer and a professional integrator can assist you or your development team in setting up your connection. Have a custom project you’d like to do? Reach out to us; we’ll provide a free consultation to discuss your plans.

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