Introducing StarfishETL’s MS Exchange Graph API Connector

The wait is over! We are happy to announce a new connector for StarfishETL: the Exchange Graph API connector is now available. This will be a faster, more-secure connector for your Microsoft 365 integrations using StarfishETL. Read on for some important details about the MS Exchange Graph API connector.

What is the Microsoft Graph API?

Not to be confused with other ‘graph’ technologies, Microsoft Graph is a RESTful API and is not related to graph databases or GraphQL. The benefit of Microsoft Graph is that it is a unified endpoint to access data in multiple Microsoft cloud services simplifying the development process. Instead of learning separate APIs for Outlook, SharePoint, Active Directory, etc, developers can access data from multiple Microsoft cloud services from a single endpoint. This makes Microsoft Graph API an extremely valuable and powerful tool.

What are the Benefits of the MS Exchange Graph API Connector for StarfishETL?

Previously StarfishETL used a connector based on EWS (Exchange Web Services). Microsoft is in the process of phasing this out and they are encouraging developers to migrate to Graph. Here’s a link to an article discussing that shift.

The new MS Exchange Graph API connector will be upgraded in two notable areas: security and performance.


The previous connector uses basic authentication—think username and password. The new Graph connector supports the OAuth 2.0 standard which is much more secure. For a short, simple explanation of OAuth 2.0 check out this link.


The previous EWS connector is based on the SOAP protocol. While SOAP is still useful in certain use cases, REST has better performance. Thanks to REST’s use of JSON objects, it uses less bandwidth and is processed faster than SOAP’s XML. JSON also has better support in all modern web browsers.

If you are a StafishETL customer who’d like to use this connector, or you are in the market for an ETL tool to manage data, contact us at to learn more.

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