Integrate ERP Through Your Firewall with the StarfishETL Ray

Hybrid Cloud adoption grew 3x last year, and nearly 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to Cloud solutions in 2018. Cloud is taking over, and companies are taking notice.

Many companies want full Cloud adoption, but simply aren’t “there” yet, so they must strike a balance between their locally hosted systems and the Cloud software. However, when it’s time to integrate the two, things can get complicated. Your only options to integrate ERP through a firewall are to either work locally or expose the software over the firewall – neither of which are desirable approaches.

Customers hoping to integrate their ERP and CRM systems were often deflated when we explained this obstacle to them. So, our team devised a solution: the StarfishETL Ray.

What is the Ray?

The Ray is a locally-installed agent that securely exposes protected internal systems to allow integrations with Cloud software. Users install the StarfishETL Ray on their network to enable bi-directional SSL encrypted communication.

How does it work?

Once installed, the Ray uses the StarfishETL Cloud Designer to make connections and execute mapping. The Ray represents a single outbound connection to StarfishETL’s secured servers, so there’s no need to work locally or expose the software over an unprotected firewall. ERP and CRM systems integrate with ease and — most importantly — with encrypted security, so data remains safe and intact throughout your integration.

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How can I start using the StarfishETL Ray?

To access the StarfishETL Ray, you’ll need a subscription to the Cloud Designer services. Subscription prices range depending on your customizations, desired connectors, server license requirements, and level of support. The Basic edition of StarfishETL does not include the Designer, so you must select the Team edition or higher to utilize the Ray.

View our pricing page to learn which package is right for you. Then reach out to us at to get started!

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