Upload Bulk Attachments to SugarCRM

Using the latest StarfishETL, you can easily upload or migrate your attachments to an On-Demand SugarCRM instance by using the new Base64 conversion functions.

Here is a generic example of how you would migrate attachments from another database to SugarCRM.

  1. Set up your Origin to your source CRM system or database, selecting from it's Attachment table.
  2. Set up your Destination to SugarCRM by entering the web service URL and credentials for your instance.
  3. Next you'll create an Insert Stage for the Notes table.
  4. Map your notes fields, including the filename, parent id/type and subject.
  5. Starfish ETL automatically creates a field called "Attachment". You'll want to configure this as a Format Conversion Function Field.
  6. For the Conversion Operation, choose "File -to- Base64".
  7. For the Conversion Source, you'll provide the path and filename to the file to be converted. You can use a field from your origin database.

This will automatically read the file from your file system, convert it to Base64 format, and upload it to SugarCRM. If you supply parent information it will be tied the appropriate Account or Contact. Good luck migrating your attachments! Find us in the forums if you have any questions.

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