5 Tips to Use AI and Automation to Simplify Workflow

Nowadays, more business processes involve AI than you could probably guess. Some are in the background, others are customer-facing, while some are designed to make employees’ jobs easier for the long haul by eliminating or reducing human error. Either way, artificial intelligence and automation go hand in hand for modern-day companies, and they are rapidly redefining the modern workplace

If you are about to change how your business operates or you’d like to rely on these intelligent solutions more than before, making smarter choices is essential. Every company has a limited budget for technology, and that means that you cannot jump on every AI bandwagon you please – you need to carefully consider which solutions fit your needs and what you should invest in to actually drive your business forward. There are, however, some AI and automation opportunities that are beneficial for every business out there, so let’s list them here and make your search a little easier!

Smart chatbots to help your support team

Any website providing customer support needs a well-developed chatbot assistant. Why? Because if you run a larger organization, such as an ecommerce website where people constantly ask for help, you cannot pile so much work on your support teams and expect them to perform without a hitch. Chatbots that are based on AI provide seamless customer assistance.

This, in turn, gives your customer support agents much more time to focus on business-essential tasks, more vital customer support tickets, and of course, learn from the data the chatbot collects. 

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Employee scheduling made simpler

Whether you have a business that operates remotely, on-site, or with a hybrid business model, scheduling can be a nightmare if done manually and without dedicated software. Companies around the globe are focused on streamlining workflows and helping employees be more productive. There are all kinds of solutions out there to guide the automation necessary to accomplish this. For example, in fiercely competitive regions like Australia, automation allows brands to prevent various collaboration and communication issues.

Businesses use dedicated scheduling software in Australia for automating processes, providing a single communication platform for remote and on-site staff, and avoiding scheduling issues like double-booking. Humanforce is one of the most commonly used tools for that very purpose among Australian brands, as it provides the right balance of transparency and automation for any type of workflow. With reduced mishaps in rostering and schedules, automated notifications, and the like, employees can be much more efficient and productive.

Social media and marketing automation

Marketers often wear all kinds of hats, especially in smaller organizations where a single person will tackle social media marketing as well as email marketing, content creation, SEO, and many other relevant tasks. Automation and AI-driven tools for the multitasker in your business can truly alter the way your business operates on a daily basis.

Automate social media posting and use AI to inform the best posting times and topics based on engagement, saving you hours on menial tasks and improving post performance over time. Integrate your email with the right tools to send out regular updates and newsletter notifications, and you’ll also help your marketers focus on refining their strategy and producing more creative work.

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AI for smarter forecasting

Customer behaviors are changing quickly, and brands are positioning themselves to offer smarter, evolving solutions. However, even the most ingenious marketing and business management teams cannot possibly accumulate enough data manually and create comprehensive, unbiased studies that point towards the most essential emerging trends. 

With AI tools and solutions, businesses can actually conduct ongoing evaluations and create data-driven forecasts that help them make smarter decisions. AI tools have all kinds of perks in this sphere, one of them being that they aren’t biased, they take significantly less time to sift through data, and they can filter the information in more intelligent ways, much more quickly and efficiently. 

Automate your payroll processes

When it comes to money, every business owner dreads making mistakes, and yet it happens so often that it’s practically unavoidable. Some money-related issues are more important than others, as they can affect your employees’ performance, their sense of trust and loyalty, and their productivity. If their salaries are constantly late, you risk alienating them for good. If you fail to give them their hard-earned bonuses, they’ll probably feel the same.

AI-driven accounting and automated payroll help curb some of these issues, if not all of them in time. Of course, the more major transactions will always be under the direct supervision of your professional accounting team, but you can at least forget about these minor, repeating tasks. Setting up recurring payments, upgrading security, and automating notifications can all become part of your digitalization efforts to make your workflow smoother. 

Both AI and automation can be true lifesavers for your organization when used properly and in the right departments. Your employees will get the chance to focus on meaningful, purposeful work more often. Your various processes -- typically the more time-consuming, error-prone ones --  will become more streamlined, allowing your business to cut costs while reducing errors and issues. That alone will be more than enough to propel your business forward and help you set the stage for even greater success in the future. 

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