4 Must-Have Creatio Integrations

When it comes to designing a CRM for the modern business world, the number one thing needed is flexibility. Not just flexibility in terms of scalability or the number of features included, but flexibility in how you can implement and develop your software solution. It makes sense then that one of the fastest growing areas of investment in professional software is low- and no-code development. In fact, data from Forrester suggests that low-code investments in the market might top out around $22 billion by 2022, up almost ten times from 2016’s figures. These features offer the ability to turn your non-IT employees into capable developers on their own, and the increased efficiency and return on those investments has been stunning.  

One of the undisputed leaders in the field of low-code development is Creatio, whose flexible platform for development accompanied with their CRM has enabled all types and sizes of businesses to turn their employees into “citizen developers”. And appropriately, such a flexible platform offers up a host of possible software integrations for even more added functionality. Here are four of our favorite Creatio integrations here at StarfishETL.

Must-Have Creatio Integrations:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • Airtable
  • Twitter
  • Xero

HubSpot Marketing Hub

A crucial integration for Creatio users is a connection to Hubspot Marketing Hub. By allowing your Creatio and HubSpot systems to integrate, you can automate and streamline the MQL to SQL process by better connecting your sales and marketing teams. Leads can be automatically generated in Creatio from your HubSpot contacts, and the process of updating your marketing teams on the status of those deals can then be automated as well. Additionally, the more completely your teams can understand and visualize the entire sales process, the better your analytics — and the conclusions you draw from those analytics — will be.


If you’re looking for an integration to get you the most out of both involved software platforms, then you should strongly consider the possibilities realized by synchronizing and integrating Airtable with Creatio. Since the two platforms both prize their ease-of-use and low-code functionality, it’s no great mystery as to why they can work so well together. But the real benefit to this integration is not simply the convenience, but also the complexity possible. The flexible back-end design of both systems allows for things like synchronizing your contact data two-ways so that any changes made in either system appear instantly in the other. For example, if a contact in Airtable provides you with regional information, you can use Creatio’s social data enrichment to help fill in any missing fields, and then automate Creatio’s lead form updating if you enter a new phone number into the Airtable contact data. With this kind of flexibility and functionality, don’t be afraid to get creative with streamlining and updating your business processes.  


Businesses both big and small know that the key to reaching new customers while retaining the loyalty of old ones is always keeping your ear to the ground. In today’s digitally connected world that means tracking data across numerous social media platforms to stay on top of what people might be saying about your enterprise. And to that extent, few social media platforms have stood the test of time and proved their unique value throughout like Twitter. The lightweight, lightning-fast global communication network remains essential for personal and professional use, and as a result it is one of the most popular integrations for any CRM. 

When combined with the low-code automation tools of Creatio, your business can do things like turn tweets into fully realized lead forms or automatically generate service cases for people lamenting their technical problems on social media. Your sales reps working within Creatio can see the Twitter activity of contacts and use the insights to build stronger customer profiles. You can also automate the notification process to make sure that your service and social teams are able to get in contact with customers based on their social media activity, all with Creatio’s convenient low-code design.


Finally, here's another great example of an integration that bridges the best of both software solutions: Integrating Creatio with Xero. Connecting these two applications is an absolute must for users looking to get the most out of unifying their accounting data with their CRM profiles. This integration allows Creatio to automatically synchronize much of the most important data held in Xero — contracts, contacts, and leads (among much, much more) — guaranteeing perfect replication across systems without the frustration or potential for error associated with manual data entry or duplication. All the while, Creatio's powerful form auto-fill tools can help finalize your existing Xero contacts and leads that may still have incomplete information. Do not hestitate to synchronize your accounting processes with your sales and marketing. Doing so can help get your employees a more complete understanding of your current inventory, realize the most pressing tasks for your business, and improve cooperation and communication between your teams. 

These are just a few of the powerful Creatio integrations that you can use to supercharge your business. Did you know that StarfishETL offers pre-built integrations for Creatio & Xero as well as Creatio & HubSpot? If you're interested in Creatio integration with these or any other business solutions, reach out to our team as soon as possible! 

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