StarfishETL Essentials

Bundled Solutions for Effortless Integrations

Integrating your systems can get complicated quickly. Mapping even the basic fields takes time and testing. What if there was a better way?

StarfishETL Essentials delivers an integration that has you up-and-running on day one. Essentials packages include best practices with standard fields connected out-of-the-box. The project is completed sooner, with less risk, so your front and back office teams can benefit and start working together right away. 

Personalize your Essentials integration to fit your unique needs using the flexibility of StarfishETL's powerful integration platform. 

The Essentials pre-built integrations are FREE with your StarfishETL subscription.

Essentials for CRM & Marketing

Connects crucial fields like customers, contacts, engagement, opportunity, leads, emails, and notes fields between your CRM and popular marketing systems like HubSpot.

Essentials for CRM & Finance

Built to integrate fields like customers, contacts, invoices, payments, sales orders, and products from your financial solution to your CRM.

Essentials for CRM with Email & Messaging

Designed to connect your emails and other messaging like GMail, Office365, Exchange, and SMS to your software solutions.

Essentials for CRM & Social Media

Bridges your social media data with your CRM to keep sales and marketing in the loop on the latest social interactions.

Every Essentials package comes with:

  • Pre-built integration map
  • 2 smart connectors from our library of 70+ connectors
  • Visual integration map designer and integration administrator
  • Scheduling engine
  • Notification engine
  • Transaction engine
  • Scripting engine
  • Sophisticated monitoring and logging
  • Cloud or local deployment options
  • Access to Support resources, knowledge base and tutorials

Available Essentials Packages

Below are the available Essentials packages and the next in the queue for development (coming soon). Please contact the StarfishETL team for more information about the Essentials package you are interested in.

Creatio Logo


  • Creatio + QuickBooks (coming soon)
  • Creatio + HubSpot
  • Creatio + Xero
  • Creatio + Myob (coming soon)
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Xero Logo


Myob Logo


  • Myob + Creatio (coming soon)