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SugarCRM to ACT! Migration

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Migrating from SugarCRM to ACT! is Easy with StarfishETL

Don’t let the world of data become a daunting place. With StarfishETL, you always have a friend nearby. StarfishETL can move your SugarCRM data to ACT! whether its on-premises, in the Cloud, or both. The intuitive, easy-to-use platform lets you migrate custom fields, attachments, and legacy data — hassle-free. Our on-premises migration tool lets you to create personalized migrations in your secured environment.

Unlike competitors who leave you to fend for yourself, our global partner network sticks by you, offering the support and product personalization you need to make your migration a success. StarfishETL secures your SugarCRM data behind a firewall and keeps it organized as you move to your new ACT! system. Perform the migration yourself or have one of our technical experts do it for you — it’s that easy.

Begin Your Data Journey Now

StarfishETL offers connectors for SugarCRM and ACT!, but there is no preconfigured integration. You can build your own integration using our 30 day trial, which includes a demo load of 100 data records. Or, you can get help from an experienced partner. Fill out the form below and within one business day a representative will contact you to determine if the do-it-yourself approach or the assisted approach is best for your migration needs.

Migration X-To-X Description

Mapping SugarCRM to ACT!

Before our migration experts get to work on your new map, we want to make sure everything meets your specifications. A member of our team will reach out to you to learn:

  • How you’re using your current system
  • Any data concerns you want addressed
  • If you have any unique system requirements
  • How you plan to use your data moving forward

Once we understand your requirements, our team can quote the price for your new map and begin its development. Every project is unique! Your individual requirements will determine the time and investment necessary for your migration. A technical consultant will work with you to deliver the most accurate insights.

Request Migration help

If your migration needs special attention, let us help you. Our team of experts will customize your experience and do all the work so you can sit back, relax, and watch the data magic unfold. To request migration services, fill out the form.

Psst! If you'd like an immediate call from our sales staff, make sure you enter your phone number.

Data Security Backed by Amazon Web

When it comes to your sensitive information, we don’t take anything for granted. StarfishETL doubles down on data safety by providing strict data encryption, cloud security, and data law compliance via Amazon web. Amazon checks it, we double-check it, and you reap the rewards of a secure system.

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StarfishETL is a leader in Small Business ETL Tools on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in ETL Tools on G2
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StarfishETL is a leader in Small-Business ETL Tools on G2