3 Must-Have Infor CRM Integrations

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3 Must-Have Infor CRM Integrations

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a million times: integrated systems are essential for accurate analytics, automating redundant tasks, and building sales and marketing alignment. But, there are so many options out there that prioritizing those integrations can feel daunting. In this post, we’ll highlight three must-have Infor CRM integrations based on our knowledge of the solutions and the experiences of our customers. If you’re not sure which solutions you need to add to your library, or which Infor-compatible connections you should prioritize first, this post will offer some points for consideration.

Infor CRM & HubSpot Marketing Hub

For many businesses, the choice to integrate Infor CRM and HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is the first step towards creating true sales & marketing alignment. The two systems already share many similar data points, and the teams that use them are working in parallel, so it makes sense to combine their information to pinpoint buyer personas, customer journeys, and brand engagement metrics.

Why is it a must-have integration?

If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage from your sales and marketing efforts (aren’t we all?) then integrating an industry-leading CRM like Infor with one of the most well-respected marketing automation solutions on the market is the way to go. Based on our experience, Infor CRM and HubSpot Marketing Hub integrate with relative ease, and the plethora of information shared between them makes it a must-have integration. Connecting HubSpot and Infor CRM offers several major benefits:

  • Segmentation is streamlined when campaign lists from Infor are automatically updated in HubSpot
  • Customer behaviors are easier to track as HubSpot lead scoring is fed into Infor CRM
  • Analytics from forms, website visits, emails, and other customer engagement metrics informs new opportunities and focuses sales strategies
  • Duplicate data entry and duplicate efforts are eliminated through data transparency and aligned processes

What information is being shared?

Integration pathways between HubSpot Marketing Hub and Infor CRM will vary depending on how your business uses the solutions and what your integration provider can offer. We built our integration using some of the most requested integration pathways, which I’ve listed for you below. This will give you an idea of the core information that should be shared between these solutions:

  • HubSpot Contacts Infor CRM Contacts
  • HubSpot Contacts Infor CRM Leads
  • Infor CRM Activity HubSpot Engagement
  • Infor CRM Opportunities HubSpot Opportunities
  • HubSpot Email Infor CRM Email
  • HubSpot Forms Infor CRM Notes
  • HubSpot Subscription Infor CRM Notes
  • *HubSpot Custom Fields Infor CRM Custom Fields

*Not every integrator provides options for custom fields in addition to the standard pathways, but we found our customers benefitted immensely from this capability.

Infor CRM & Microsoft Office 365 Calendar

A seemingly simple integration, but one that comes with some major benefits, is the integration between Infor CRM and a Microsoft Office 365 calendar. Connecting these solutions allows sales teams to spend less time trying to prioritize appointments, and more time closing deals.

Why is it a must-have integration?

Integrating your Office 365 calendar with Infor CRM reveals a new level of proactive sales. This integration is a must-have because it’s minimal, but highly effective for sales teams looking to improve organization and enjoy the convenience of calendar access from their CRM. Integration between your Infor CRM and Office calendar helps sales teams by:

  • Pushing meetings from Infor to Office 365 calendar
  • Allowing sales reps to review tasks from the calendar within their Infor instance
  • Making details from the calendar accessible in Infor for quick reference and prioritization
  • Allowing the user to view completed tasks to compare their progress against a goal

What information is being shared?

An integration between Infor CRM and a Microsoft Office 365 calendar would look something like this:

  • Infor CRM Events Office 365 Calendar
  • Infor CRM Tasks Office 365 Calendar
  • Infor CRM Meetings Office 365 Calendar
  • Infor CRM Activities Office 365 Calendar

The major events, tasks, meetings, and activities from Infor are easily accessible within the Office 365 calendar, so no matter which system the sales reps are working in, they know the information reflected is correct.

Infor CRM & QuickBooks

Transparency between the front and back office complements sales, marketing, and services with a complete view of a customer’s account information and financial history. We recommend integrating Infor CRM with one of the biggest names in financial software, QuickBooks, to accomplish this. QuickBooks and Infor play nicely together, but integration of the two solutions could require a few custom tables to really get the full benefit.

Why is it a must-have integration?

Integration between Infor CRM and QuickBooks is a must-have integration for many reasons, but perhaps the most compelling for our customers has been this: Connecting the two solutions helps avoid the cost of additional QuickBooks licenses because financial data becomes accessible within Infor. Along with this lovely benefit, integrating Infor CRM and QuickBooks enables:

  • Syncing advanced inventory functions from QuickBooks into Infor CRM
  • Completing customer profiles with sales tax codes linked from QuickBooks to Infor
  • Managing payment status by linking payment records from QuickBooks to their account in Infor
  • Maximizing data visibility by mapping fields between QuickBooks and Infor CRM

What information is being shared?

As mentioned earlier, while the integration of these two solutions is relatively straightforward, most customers require some custom functionality to really gain the true advantages. Below is a list of the standard, easily integrated aspects of QuickBooks and Infor CRM. Underneath that is a list of the customizations most requested by our customers.

Standard Integration Pathways

  • QuickBooks Customers Infor CRM Accounts
  • QuickBooks Contacts Infor CRM Contacts
  • QuickBooks Sales Orders Infor CRM Sales Orders
  • QuickBooks Items Infor CRM Products
  • QuickBooks Estimates Infor CRM Quotes

Custom Integration Pathways

  • QuickBooks Invoice Header Infor CRM Invoice Header
  • QuickBooks Invoice Detail Infor CRM Invoice Detail
  • QuickBooks Payment Infor CRM Payment

Because Infor does not come pre-loaded with some of the tables necessary to receive invoice and payment information, custom pathways are necessary for most integration customers looking to fulfill this functionality.

Integrating Infor CRM with the above three solutions is a recipe for departmental alignment, financial transparency, and simplified sales scheduling. If you’re interested in an Infor CRM integration with these, or any other solutions (ERP? Social media? The possibilities are endless!) please reach out to us at sales@starfishetl.com for a free consultation.