5 Ways Integrations Can be Used to Boost Sales Automation

January 5, 2023

Sales software like CRM enables this automation to some extent, but integration with other applications is what really supports fully automated experiences. As an iPaaS integrator, we’ve seen businesses connect all kinds of varying tools in an effort to put more intelligent automation practices in place. Here are five ways integrations can be used to boost sales automation.

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How Sales Leaders Capture More Accurate Reports with StarfishETL

December 1, 2022

Intelligent reporting helps teams build the most informed approach to their sales strategy. Forecasts, year-over-year sales histories, MQL to SQL conversions, and customer retention rates are just a few of the
report types that educate sales executives on what’s working and what isn’t. Data-centric
businesses use integration strategies to unlock hidden trends and help teams expand those reporting functions. The number of integrations and types of applications you combine are…

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How Sales Managers Can Use StarfishETL to Tighten the MQL to SQL Process

May 24, 2022

Businesses decide to integrate for many reasons, but two of the most common use cases we see are 1.) get customer financial information in the hands of sales and 2.) integrating to build alignment between sales and marketing. Understanding what a customer is purchasing, can help complete your customer profiles, leading to better targeted marketing.

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