Epicor Kinetic ERP


Epicor Kinetic ERP

Epicor ERP, now known as Kinetic, is a cloud-based ERP software solution designed with manufacturing in mind. Epicor ERP provides a comprehensive and fully functional online portal for managing business processes as well as accounting, finance, HR, customer relationships, and more.

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Epicor ERP

StarfishETL Epicor Connector & Integration Hints

July 11, 2022

I recently worked on a StarfishETL project to integrate a client’s Epicor ERP system with their Pipedrive Sales CRM software. Upon initial evaluation it seemed like a pretty straightforward project, but as work continued, I stumbled upon several issues that forced us to rethink our process and alter how we were retrieving the data out of Epicor. I’ll walk you through a few items to watch out for and give you some hints for altering your process if you are not receiving the full record sets…

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Epicor Integration Hints