StarfishETL Launches Re-Branded Cloud Cartographer

September 7, 2023

New Name Better Suits Capabilities of Dynamic iPaaS

StarfishETL, the low code iPaaS (integration platform as a service) rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2, is thrilled to announce the re-brand of it’s ‘Cloud Designer’ platform to ‘Cloud Cartographer’.

Cartography is the science and art of creating maps and charts. This naming convention draws parallels to the mapping capabilities of the StarfishETL platform. StarfishETL uses APIs to map data between many variations of software applications, from CRM, to ERP, to marketing automation, email, accounting systems, eCommerce platforms, developer tools, document management solutions, and more.

Because it’s an iPaaS, StarfishETL’s cloud-based Cartographer is highly scalable and able to adapt to a wide range of integration scenarios. User-friendly, visual tools make it easy to design and configure integrations that match each client’s use case, while the ability to script adds the flexibility necessary for personalization. The platform also offers many pre-configured connectors for common integrations, reducing implementation time even further.

“With everything StarfishETL can do, it became clear to us that the term ‘Designer’ no longer encompassed the true capabilities of the platform,” said StarfishETL CEO, Sam Biardo. “The Cloud Cartographer allows users to map data however they please, giving them ultimate control of their projects. It also has applications beyond traditional integrations or migrations, with many users applying its capabilities to data governance projects, data lake preparations, data archiving, and data cleaning processes. We’re proud of what the Cartographer has become and look forward to future evolutions.”

StarfishETL currently offers connections to nearly 400 software applications, and the number is growing. The platform is well-received by analysts and users, consistently ranked as a high-performance solution with excellent ROI, customer support, and usability. It’s adaptable for connecting Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments that allow businesses to create data connections that fuel growth and sustain profitability.

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