bpm’online & QuickBooks Integration Introduced by StarfishETL

CHICAGO, September 6, 2017 — StarfishETL, a powerful CRM migration and integration solution, released a pre-built integration connecting bpm’online with QuickBooks back office applications.

The integration allows users to view critical QuickBooks data from their bpm’online Account screen. Accessible information includes sales orders, invoices, invoice line items, sales order line items, payment histories, products, and QuickBooks main account details. The forms, schemas, and workflows within the integration make the product easy to install and customize. Users who need to extend the functionality can do so using a codeless map designer.

New customer data entered in QuickBooks is automatically synchronized to the existing account in bpm’online. If no existing account is found, the integration generates a new one. One-way synchronization pushes information from QuickBooks Items to the bpm’online product. From bpm’online, orders with a “won” status sync back into QuickBooks as a sales order.

The integration works with Premier, Professional, Enterprise, Simple Start, and Online versions of the QuickBooks program. All upgrades for StarfishETL and QuickBooks are applied upon their release to ensure maximum integration functionality.

To learn more about StarfishETL’s bpm’online and QuickBooks integration, visit the bpm’online Marketplace.

About StarfishETL

StarfishETL is a migration and integration framework for businesses seeking simple, risk-free ways to keep more of their customer data as they switch or integrate CRMs. Unlike expensive import/export tools with limited capabilities and scant security, this feature-rich environment connects to CRM, ERP, Marketing, Email, and even specialized programs securely with encrypted firewall. 

About bpm’online

Bpm’online is a premium vendor of intelligent products that offer unique synergy of BPM technologies and CRM for sales, marketing, service to empower organizations to accelerate time-to-strategy execution. Bpm’online’s product line provides users with the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with a social look and feel which helps them be focused on what’s relevant. Bpm’online partnered with TAI (sister company of StarfishETL) in June of 2016.

Technology Advisors Builds Integration Between SugarCRM and Epicor ERP With StarfishETL

Chicago, IL - (May 1, 2017) –Technology Advisors Inc. (TAI), a business & technology consulting company specializing in custom software integrations and enterprise-level CRM projects, teamed up with data migration and integration service, StarfishETL, to build an integration between SugarCRM and Epicor ERP.

SugarCRM is known as the most innovative, flexible, and affordable CRM provider on the market. Epicor ERP continues to be one of the leading ERP solutions to fulfill operational needs in various industries. This CRM/ERP mapping simplifies the integration process by mapping data seamlessly between the two systems. The result creates better collaboration between sales, services, and marketing departments.

“We prioritized this integration based on the demand we were seeing from customers,” says StarfishETL General Manager, David Wallace. “What sets this particular solution apart is the combined expertise of Starfish and TAI to implement it. StarfishETL has the power and flexibility to handle any data integration thrown at it. Combine that with the skilled integration team at TAI and you have a completely supported integration experience. We continue to build out integration solutions to meet demand.”

Technology Advisors’ staff work in tandem with StarfishETL services to balance technical data needs with functional uses for business applications. The goal is to optimize the use of data for individual businesses so each can make the most of its integration. To learn more about Technology Advisors, StarfishETL, and SugarCRM please reference the notes below.

About Technology Advisors
Technology Advisors is a global business and technology consulting company specializing in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and custom software integrations. Since 1991, the company has helped more than 2,000 businesses increase sales, boost productivity, and improve profitability. For more information, visit

About StarfishETL
StarfishETL (Extract Transform Load) provides seamless data integration from one database to another - whether hosted, on premise, or in the cloud. This system links multiple databases and systems with extreme flexibility, power, and speed, and delivers the insights to engage customers and prospects, automate business processes, expand CRM functionality, and increase productivity. For more information, visit

About SugarCRM
SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market. Unlike traditional CRM solutions that focus primarily on management and reporting, Sugar empowers the individual, coordinating the actions of customer-facing employees and equipping them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience.

Starfish ETL Releases 4.0 Version

Migration Service Offers New Connectors & Improved Functionality

Chicago, IL (April 18, 2017) – Starfish ETL, a self-service migration and integration platform as a service solution (PaaS), launches smart connection interface and connectors for Sage CRM, Epicor, and bpm’online with its 4.0 release. The updated version uses smart connection to streamline the user experience, simplify configuration and set up, and reduce confusion.

These connectors add to Starfish’s current suite of 45+ connector options. The Sage CRM connector has been updated to reflect the most current Sage CRM integration specifications. The update allows Sage CRM users to connect their system to other CRM’s, ERP systems, eMarketing programs, business apps, and social media collaboration tools. A connector for Epicor allows integration of Epicor’s back office data to an organization’s front office data.

In addition, a new connector is available for process-driven CRM, bpm’online. The Starfish development team built the connector for customers transitioning to this emerging CRM platform.

“The Starfish product team continues to meet our customers’ integration needs by building connectors for on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions,” says Technology Advisors owner and integration expert, Sam Biardo.

David Wallace, general manager for Starfish says, “The Sage CRM connector update and additions of Epicor and bpm’online connectors were chosen strategically for our 4.0 release based on market demand for emerging Cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions.”

Starfish ETL is a feature-rich, self-service, data migration and integration platform for cloud-to-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployed solutions. The Starfish platform supports 45+ connections to popular business applications ranging from CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, business apps like Google and Microsoft Office, Social Media, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores. Its enterprise-class, scalable platform supports migrations ranging from small to enterprise-sized businesses. The company has a partner ecosystem of nearly 30 companies to address custom implementation requirements.

Starfish ETL Releases Four New Marketing Automation Connectors

Starfish ETL is releasing four new connectors compatible with marketing automation (MA) software from providers like Pardot, Act-On, Hubspot, and Marketo. 

The import/export suite of tools can now migrate data from one MA solution to another and set up ongoing integrations from a customer relationship management (CRM) or in-house software to a marketing automation system.  The connection with MA systems enables marketers to view statistics related to the success of their campaigns as information is passed back into the CRM system. Integrations between the CRM and MA keep lists synced, update mailing preferences, and automate mailings as well. 

Prior to the implementation of these four connectors, these integration and migration actions were not possible. 

“StarfishETL development continues apace with these new MA connectors. We now have connectors to the most popular marketing and CRM solutions as well as connectors to all standard database types,” says Starfish ETL Product Manager, Paul Denwood. 

Starfish ETL Launches New Tools for SMS/MMS & Social Media

Premier Import/Export Suite Offers More Ways to Connect

Data migration and integration tool, Starfish ETL (extract, transform, load) announced three new connectors to the software. The first of these connectors was launched in early November for SMS/MMS messaging. The second two connectors, released this week, support Twitter and Facebook integrations. The additions offer new communication possibilities for end users.

Starfish ETL can now orchestrate, send, and receive SMS (text) messages and MMS (picture) messages. It retrieves the messages using a new Twilio connector. In turn, the Twilio connector fetches media items related to specific messages and provides a list of sent and received messages for the user’s reference. Users must have a Twilio phone number to enable this.

On the social media side, two new connectors enable the management of outbound interactions from a CRM and can also capture tweets and posts inbound that match specified keywords. This social media integration saves the user time and helps organize social data.

“We all understand the power of Social Media and we now enable the management of Social Messaging from within a wide range of CRM applications. Whether you want to control the outbound message or collect any messages that are related to your company, products, or services, this can now be achieved with these new connectors. Also, these new connectors add capabilities to Starfish that are not available in most other ETL tools,” says Starfish ETL Product Manager Paul Denwood.

The SMS/MMS connector and the Twitter and Facebook integrations are included with a basic Starfish license.

Danine Pontarelli
Marketing Manager
Technology Advisors

Send and Receive Text Messages with Starfish ETL

Using our new Twilio connector, you can use Starfish ETL to orchestrate the sending and receiving of text (SMS) messages. You can also send and receive picture (MMS) messages! Starfish can retrieve messages that are sent to your Twilio number and from there the possibilities are endless. Open support tickets, facilitate sales, customer notifications.. How will you embed texting into your business?

You can also use the Twilio connector to read a historical list of voice calls and to initiate an outbound call for use with their robust automated outbound phone call system. Upgrade to Starfish ETL 3.7 and try it out.

Starfish ETL Named One of Chicago’s Best Business Softwares

G2 Crowd recently listed Starfish ETL among Chicago’s top-rated business software programs based on user satisfaction and market presence. The top companies were determined using G2 Crowd’s first Chicagoland GridScape, which uses real-time visualization of business software products to evaluate each offering.

The system plugged in more than 700 user satisfaction reviews from business professionals. It also used vendor size, social impact, and market share to determine each company’s market presence. G2 Crowd noted that “only products with 10 or more validated reviews were included on the GridScape, as to have a large enough sample size for satisfaction ratings.”

If you visit this page, you can see the scatterplot of companies they assessed. Starfish ETL is among the “high performers” in customer satisfaction.

Here’s G2 Crowd’s ranking of the ten companies:

  1. Sertifi
  2. Sprout Social
  3. Steelbrick CPQ (Disclaimer: Steelbrick is a sister company of G2 Crowd)
  4. SurePayroll
  5. DialogTech
  6. NumXL
  7. ExpressPigeon
  8. Geofeedia
  9. Starfish ETL
  10. Personify Live


Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a premiere import/export suite of tools that provides seamless integration of data from one database to another, whether hosted, on-premise, or in the cloud. The system is able to integrate with virtually any program from QuickBooks to JD Edward. It can also migrate data between systems without losing or jumbling the valuable information. Migrating without data lose and integrating systems among departments help streamline business processes by connecting employees.

This was G2 Crowd’s first Chicagoland Gridscape. The GridScape tool highlights tech companies of all sizes, including small and growing ones, in the Chicagoland area. As it expands, the information collected will help software purchasers make more informed evaluations of local software businesses.

To learn more about the capabilities of Starfish ETL, visit

SQLite Xref Support

Starfish now supports using a SQLite database for Cross-Reference (Xref) tracking. This has the advantage of allowing you to read and write an xref in the same job. In addition, if you initialize the xref in append mode, it will append new items to the list but also update records that already exist. With the file system xref lists, records would be duplicated instead of updated. You can initialize the xref and use the append/overwrite checkbox to choose the behavior of the xref list upon write. You can also use database xref lists without initializing them. The default behavior of an un-initialized database xref list is append mode. To enable using the SQLite database, edit the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\StarfishEngine\Web.config file and change UseDatabaseXref to True.

Find more information about Cross-Reference (Xref) tracking in the wiki. We also added a page on how to access newer .accdb Access databases.

If you ever have any questions or topics you want to see on the Wiki, let us know.

New Starfish Installer

We have created a new installation bundle for the Starfish Engine.

StarfishETL uses a SOAP interface that is dependent on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Starfish requires IIS to be configured and additional folder security permissions be set. Previously users were required to configure IIS manually and set the appropriate folder security permissions. This process was somewhat complex and prone to issues.

We recognized that a lot of issues that our customers were seeing were related to this installation so we set about creating a more robust installation package that would remove the risk of installation failure by removing these manual setup requirements.

The version of StarfishETL that is available for download from our website now uses this new installation bundle.

Users need to install IIS on the machine that is running the Starfish Engine but the new installation bundle handles all the IIS configuration automatically.

Use your File System like a Data Source

New with the latest release of Starfish ETL, you can now treat the files on your hard drive like a data source. Have you ever had to migrate attachments that were simply stored in a structured folder system with no other information? The new File System connector will allow you to set a folder which will be scanned recursively. Each file found will be treated like a row of Origin data.

You'll have information like the subfolder name, file size, including extended information such as version, author and more. Using file operations already built into Starfish ETL, you can then move/copy these files, convert the format and save them in a database, or save them as attachments against records in your CRM system. Give Starfish ETL 3.4 a try now.

Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 Support Added

We've added a number of new features in the latest updates to Starfish ETL version 3.2, including:

  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise or on-demand
  • Improvements for calling SQL Server stored procedures
  • Added multi-tenant support to the Scheduler service (to support multiple engines on the same server)
  • Powerful functions to extract the text from files like Word Documents & PDF's
  • Many other bug fixes...

You can view the complete changelog here.

Just a reminder... after installing Starfish ETL, remember to run the "Check for Updates" option to make sure you're not missing out on the latest functionality.

Starfish ETL first to support SugarCRM's new REST interface!

Get a jump start on your next SugarCRM data integration or migration project using Starfish ETL 3.1. Ours is the first (and only) ETL tool on the market with a connector to SugarCRM's newly revamped REST API. It's faster, easier to use and more powerful than the previous SOAP-based API, making it a great improvement for working with data imports & exports. You'll need SugarCRM 7.0 (in beta as of writing this). Full support for oauth2 login, all modules including custom, setting links/relationships. Give the new connector a test drive now.

Supports the powerful new json-based query language. Screenshot shows a sample connection to the Contacts module using a filter.