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The Complete DIY Oracle Migration Solution

Make your migration a success with the DIY simplicity, expert support, and affordable options of StarfishETL. StarfishETL is your one-stop migration resource for all things Oracle. Regardless of whether your data is housed in the Cloud, on-premises, or both, StarfishETL keeps data integrity and security in check. Move your sales, services, marketing, and knowledgebase information to virtually any source you desire, in any way you desire.

Whether you prefer the DIY experience and real-time results of our cloud migration wizard, or a more personalized migration with our on-premises solution, StarfishETL does Oracle migration your way.

Swift and Secure

Our service is built with Amazon web security to guarantee data law compliance, cloud security, data encryption, and protected infrastructure. Our service supports data from CRMs, ERPs, marketing automation platforms, social media accounts, email programs, and all legacy databases.

With 42 availability zones in 16 geographic regions around the world, you can easily keep your data close to home throughout your migration.

Data is encrypted in-transit and has connectivity options for private connections. Our team of techies works with Amazon to make sure your data is always secure behind a firewall and that anything transferred is encrypted before it goes over the wire. Amazon provides one layer of compliance, we double check its security, and all the wonderful safety benefits circle back to you.

No Coding Required

As if you needed another reason to migrate your Oracle data with us! Well, just in case you do, did we mention you can use StarfishETL with no coding required? Get started on your migration without having to wait for IT to set up your system. StarfishETL can easily be used out-of-the-box, but if you get stuck, our global partner network is on-hand to help. Plus, StarfishETL has all these great Administrator features:

  • Straightforward mapping wizard
  • Out-of-the-box maps
  • “Getting Started” Wiki
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • FREE support with active support forum
  • Cross-reference translation capabilities

Need More? We can Help?

Switching systems isn’t easy, but StarfishETL’s skilled partner network is ready to help. If your Oracle has been extended and customized with your business processes, we’ll address your unique requirements to successfully switch to your new CRM. We can help you find a partner that fits your needs.

Our Customers Love Us

StarfishETL is a leader in Small Business ETL Tools on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in ETL Tools on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in On-Premise Data Integration on G2
StarfishETL is a leader in Small-Business ETL Tools on G2