CRM Migration

Switching Your CRM Software?

Quickly move your core business data with our cloud migration wizard, or let our experts take the reins
on migrations that need a little more TLC. Select your systems below to start migrating today!
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Be a Data Dynamo

Don’t let CRM migration slow you down!
StarfishETL reduces migration risk so you can move your data like the champion you are.

Cloud and On-Premises Ready

Deploy StarfishETL in the Cloud, or behind your firewall for on-premises solutions. Your information is safeguarded no matter where it originates. 

Expert Resources

Our network of partners have deep knowledge on what it takes to successfully move data. We'll connect you to a partner who can help you overcome data challenges to have the smoothest
migration possible.

Risk-Free Data Testing

Our speedy cloud migration wizard is the risk-free way to test your data in real time and instantly see the results before you commit to the full process.

Keep More of Your Data

Offering pre-built capabilities and tools to establish the relationships you need, StarfishETL helps you keep more of your data. Whether your data is on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both, StarfishETL keeps it in check. 

What Can I Migrate?

Move sales, marketing, service, support, and knowledgebase information from all major CRM providers and many specialized databases. The DIY simplicity of StarfishETL gets you migrating faster while keeping your data safe along the way. StarfishETL helps you maintain your key relationships and data integrity throughout it all.

Personalized Migrations

Do you have unique data migration challenges? Do you need special customizations? No problem. StarfishETL has a team of skilled partners who can personalize your migration. Fill out the form with your request.