On your quest for the perfect data migration tool, it’s easy to reach information overload. Enjoy a refreshing change with this quick Snapshot of Starfish ETL. Scan this page to learn the who, what, where, when, why, and how of data migration with Starfish ETL. Then, feel free to reach out with your questions — we love hearing from you!


Are you getting ready to do a CRM data migration? You probably have a lot of questions – and that’s ok! Our experts are here to answer those questions and make your CRM data migration as simple and secure as possible. Starfish ETL is fine-tuned to the needs of virtually any data migration, which is why we’re ranked as one of Chicago’s Top 10 Best Business Softwares by G2 Crowd. Our users love us because our tool is flexible, our support team is knowledgeable, and our pricing model is unbeatable.

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Starfish ETL is a powerhouse CRM data migration tool, but it’s also so much more. Starfish ETL can move many other types of data without losing, jumbling, or duplicating it. Some of these data types include:

  1. ERP
  2. Email
  3. Marketing automation
  4. Social media
  5. Quickbooks
  6. SQL


Whether your data is hosted on-premises, in the cloud, or on a mixture of both, Starfish can handle the load.


You can get started with Starfish ETL today by downloading the free trial. Or, if you’re ready to start your project, you can contact our team for help. The Starfish ETL tool is lightning-fast and can move your data seamlessly, but keep in mind, the time it takes to do the migration depends on many individual factors:

  1. How much data are you moving?
  2. Do you need customized connectors?
  3. Have you prepared your data?
  4. Do you know exactly which data will map?
  5. Have you accounted for all data types?

There are many elements to consider before you even begin your data migration process. If you’re doing a CRM-to-CRM migration, you may want to read our whitepaper to gain a better idea of what to expect. Download the whitepaper by clicking the button below.

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At some point, every business is going to have to move its data somewhere. When processes are updated or systems are replaced, the data has to come along for the ride. Choosing the right tool is essential when you undertake these transitions.

The team at Starfish ETL recognizes how scary it can be to put your information out there, and that’s why we take the care to protect it. You see, Starfish ETL was initially built in-house, by our own developers, because they needed a way to move their own data efficiently. Other products on the market were simply not flexible enough, far too expensive, or both. When the developers saw how well Starfish ETL worked, they realized its potential for other businesses who were struggling with the same data migration obstacles. Now, years later, we’ve helped thousands of businesses migrate data with our extremely flexible and proficient system.


Starfish ETL moves your data using a process known as Extract-Transform-Load (ETL). Extracting the data pulls it from its source in an organized, succinct way. Then, the data is transformed to meet the needs of the platform its moving to. During this process, Starfish ETL matches each data point to ensure accuracy and precision. Then, we simply load your data into the new platform, and voila! The ETL process is complete.

Want to use Starfish ETL for your CRM migration? Check out our list of pre-built CRM data migration maps. If you don’t see the map you need, let us know! We’ll build one just for you.

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What is Starfish ETL?

The Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) suite is a fast, flexible and powerful import/export tool. A simple to configure tool to migrate your data, completely!

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