Why Should I Integrate?

You’ve made a significant investment in your CRM system with the expectation that your entire organization will have access to all known data on a specific customer. More often though, that data is scattered across disparate databases.

To give your sales, marketing, finance, and service teams a true 360-degree view, you must integrate your systems together. Aggregated data reveals patterns, buying habits, and predictive behaviors that might otherwise go unnoticed. That means every department can be more proactive, transparent, and efficient.

Why Should I use Starfish ETL for my Integration?

Starfish ETL is powerful and secure, and it’s run by a knowledgeable staff of developers. The platform is extremely flexible and adapts to nearly any integration you require, making it the simplest, most affordable way to integrate data. Use the power of Starfish ETL to:

  1. Convert data types from any format, including attachments
  2. Auto-load lead data from websites or business partners into your CRM
  3. Auto-schedule appointments from email calendars
  4. Synchronize addresses, phone numbers, and notes
  5. Connect financial data from your ERP system (sales orders, returns, payments) to your sales and support teams
  6. Auto-dedupe to eliminate the need to re-key information

What Can Starfish ETL Integrate?

Name it! Whether you’re looking to link your CRM to your ERP, integrate your email systems, website, or mobile platforms, Starfish ETL can do it all. Push, pull, or synchronize data seamlessly. If we don’t have a pre-built map for what you need, we’ll create one! All you have to do is ask.

How Can I get Started With my Integration?

You can try Starfish ETL by downloading the free trial, or you can contact us with general inquiries or to schedule a consultation. Our team can answer your questions, perform the integration for you, or show you how to do it yourself.

What is Starfish ETL?

The Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) suite is a fast, flexible and powerful import/export tool. A simple to configure tool to migrate your data, completely!

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