Steadfast Support for Smoother Projects

No matter what size your project may be, all customers deserve proper support. We build issue resolution and development assistance hours right into our packages, so you can worry less about potential obstacles and focus more on your strategic goals. Read below to learn more about our approach to issue resolution and development assistance.

Issue Resolution with StarfishETL

Data projects can be fickle. Even when you’ve planned for every scenario, chance happenings can still occur. In these moments, look to your StarfishETL team to get you back on the right path. We classify issues on four levels to help prioritize response times by the severity:

Priority Level 1: System is down for all users
Priority Level 2: System is down for a single user, there’s a feature error with a work around, or a Job is down without a work around
Priority Level 3: Features are not working as promised but there is a workaround
Priority Level 4: The client is requesting a new feature
Priority LevelTeamProfessionalEnterpriseUltimate
L18 Business Hours4 Business Hours2 Business Hours1 Business Hour
L216 Business Hours8 Hours4 Hours2 Hours
L35 Days5 Days2 Days1 Day
L42 Weeks2 Weeks1 Week1 Week

Development Assistance with StarfishETL

When navigating a new solution, sometimes even the savviest tech professionals could use a little help. That’s why we extended your support hours beyond issue resolution to assist you with development, too. Our experts can work with you to build your maps, create connectors, and even debug scripts, without any added cost to you. Looking for help on something more complex? Check out our consulting options below.

Included Development Assistance

  • Questions on Building Maps
  • Questions on Building Connectors
  • Assistance Debugging Scripts
  • 4 Hours with Team Tier Support
  • 8 Hours with Professional Tier Support
  • 40 Hours with Enterprise Tier Support
  • Unlimited help with our Ultimate Support


  • New Feature
  • New Connectors
  • Building Jobs
  • Creating Maps
  • Training
  • Installation & Setup
  • Requirement & Design
  • Testing
  • Installation of On-Premise Updates