StarfishETL Services

Data Services to Uncomplicate Your Projects

Moving data and connecting systems can get complicated. Not all of us have the time or the skillsets necessary to do the job correctly. If you need help with your next migration or integration project, we’re here to assist. Our network of experienced team members and partners is ready to support your data journey from beginning to end. Read below to learn about our data services and request help with your next project.

Data Cleaning & Preparation

Every data project should begin with data cleaning and preparation. Insights from migrated or integrated solutions won’t benefit your organization if there are inaccurate or invalid data sets driving your analytics. Through our partnership with DQGlobal, a data accuracy and AI data science powerhouse, we bring you superior data cleaning services. Continually clean your data to build accurate and reliable data sets for your software project.

Full-Service Integration

Is your integration complex? Do your systems have too many custom fields to navigate? Do you lack the technical support necessary to integrate effectively? Whether your integration is befuddling or just too time consuming, our full-service integration services can help fill the gap. Integrate multiple data sources or connect two crucial systems. Let our experienced team take the reins or let us connect you to a local partner who can move your project forward using time-tested strategies and elegant execution.

Full-Service Migration

Migrating to a new solution can be exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. Getting all your ducks in a row helps prevent unnecessary slowdowns and mishaps. Our full-service migrations take over the process of migrating your solution, so you don’t have to. We work in all the necessary data cleaning, security protocols, custom fields, and user permissions you need to hit the ground running.

Data Lakes and Warehouse

StarfishETL is the perfect solution to help your organization build and maintain your data stores. If you have multi-data sets you wish to mashup in a data lake for reporting or analysis, StarfishETL can quickly build that system. We support most databases including most Big Data data stores and Object databases.

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