New vtiger Connector Added to Starfish ETL™

Data migrations and integrations with vtiger CRM has never been easier. Announcing now in Starfish ETL™ 2.7, you can import and export data to any module in vtiger, including custom fields. Both On Premise and On Demand implementations are supported by our connector, through use of vtiger's flexible Web Services interface.

We've also made some significant multithreading performance gains in the latest version, among many other improvements.  ETL to the cloud at blazing speeds, using the most intuitive interface - download the trialtoday.

Think you may need a hand with your next vtiger CRM migration or integration project? Tell us about it, and we'll provide a quote ASAP.

Use Starfish ETL™ for the Fastest Migrations

For the latest release of Starfish ETL™, we've focused primarily on speed, productivity and stability. One of the largest performance boosters will be through the use of new Cross-reference ("Xref") functions. This allows you to relate two systems together quickly without the need for costly lookup functions for each row. For more information on this feature, check out the documentation page.

Additionally, version 2.6 offers:

  • Improved querying capabilities for Microsoft CRM.
  • Added support for impersonation (createdby/modifiedby) for Microsoft CRM.
  • Added support for relationships with custom modules in SugarCRM.
  • Added file IO VBScript functions to very easily Copy/Move/Delete/Read/Write operations.
  • Easier method for grabbing previous stage values through a new variable type.
  • Fixed over a dozen bugs, improving stability and run times. View the latest full changelog.

Grab the latest version by downloading it now.

Introducing the System Backup Wizard

With this new feature in Starfish ETL 2.5, you can now backup any system from the cloud to an on-site database. This is extremely useful for reporting, data warehousing & data mining or just peace of mind. The System Backup Wizard is capable of connecting to any of our CRM connectors (including NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, and SalesLogix). It will recreate all tables/entities keeping the equivalent data types, within any SQL compliant RDBMS (including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL). Then it will create a series of Starfish ETL jobs which will perform the actual backup operations. You can set it up to write a complete dump of the data, or filter only data which has been added or modified since the last time it ran. The jobs can then be scheduled to run daily to keep your backups in sync with the production system. Give it a try today, and simplify your cloud reporting! For more information about the System Backup Wizard, check out the documentation page about it.

Some examples of the backups you could perform with the System Backup Wizard:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SQL Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Oracle
  • Salesforce to Oracle
  • Salesforce to SQL Server
  • SugarCRM to MySQL
  • NetSuite to SQL Server
  • NetSuite to Oracle
  • SalesLogix Cloud to SQL Server

Oracle and MySQL Connectors Added

In previous versions of Starfish ETL, you've been able to connect or Oracle or MySQL through ODBC connections. In version 2.3, we've made it even easier by adding native connectors for these RDBMS platforms. Using native drivers means even faster data loads and extractions using our intuitive ETL framework. These new connectors have been built using our new Connector API. More information on building your own connectors is available within our Connector SDK. Download the Starfish ETL 2.3 trial today and complete your Oracle and MySQL ETL projects in less time than you ever thought imaginable!

Sage CRM Connector, Improved Error Handling

Support for Sage CRM has been added in the latest release of Starfish ETL 2.2. Using Sage CRM's Web Services API, data can easily be migrated or integrated to or from Sage CRM. Starfish ETL supports on-premise versions of SageCRM, and the hosted version. All entities exposed to the API are supported, including nested tables (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses).

The error handling capabilities have also been greatly improved within Starfish ETL. If a job encounters an error while running, a message is logged and the processing will continue. The entire erroring row gets logged to an intermediate CSV file. Corrections can then be made to the CSV file and just the exceptions can be re-run, greatly increasing the speed of the import development process.

Several new features have been added including a much improved log window, a new SmartQuery function, lookups for MCRM, support for SFDC Relationships, and new format conversion operations for HTML, Binary and Base64 data. Download the Free Trial now. Have questions? Join the conversion in our new support forum.

Introducing Starfish ETL™ 2.0

The latest release of Starfish ETL™ 2.0 significantly improves the user interface, making data mapping even easier. With full support of ribbon technology, down to highlighting mapped fields. In addition to ease of use, we've added the Salesforce Bulk API which greatly improves performance. No more fumbling around with the Apex Data Loader or worrying about getting data into CSV format first - Starfish ETL™ does all the work for you. Point it at any data source, set up your maps, and be absolutely amazed by the speed! Migrating data to the cloud has never been easier. Why not download it and check it out for yourself?