New Starfish Installer

We have created a new installation bundle for the Starfish Engine.

StarfishETL uses a SOAP interface that is dependent on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). Starfish requires IIS to be configured and additional folder security permissions be set. Previously users were required to configure IIS manually and set the appropriate folder security permissions. This process was somewhat complex and prone to issues.

We recognized that a lot of issues that our customers were seeing were related to this installation so we set about creating a more robust installation package that would remove the risk of installation failure by removing these manual setup requirements.

The version of StarfishETL that is available for download from our website now uses this new installation bundle.

Users need to install IIS on the machine that is running the Starfish Engine but the new installation bundle handles all the IIS configuration automatically.

Use your File System like a Data Source

New with the latest release of Starfish ETL, you can now treat the files on your hard drive like a data source. Have you ever had to migrate attachments that were simply stored in a structured folder system with no other information? The new File System connector will allow you to set a folder which will be scanned recursively. Each file found will be treated like a row of Origin data.

You'll have information like the subfolder name, file size, including extended information such as version, author and more. Using file operations already built into Starfish ETL, you can then move/copy these files, convert the format and save them in a database, or save them as attachments against records in your CRM system. Give Starfish ETL 3.4 a try now.

Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 Support Added

We've added a number of new features in the latest updates to Starfish ETL version 3.2, including:

  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premise or on-demand
  • Improvements for calling SQL Server stored procedures
  • Added multi-tenant support to the Scheduler service (to support multiple engines on the same server)
  • Powerful functions to extract the text from files like Word Documents & PDF's
  • Many other bug fixes...

You can view the complete changelog here.

Just a reminder... after installing Starfish ETL, remember to run the "Check for Updates" option to make sure you're not missing out on the latest functionality.

Starfish ETL first to support SugarCRM's new REST interface!

Get a jump start on your next SugarCRM data integration or migration project using Starfish ETL 3.1. Ours is the first (and only) ETL tool on the market with a connector to SugarCRM's newly revamped REST API. It's faster, easier to use and more powerful than the previous SOAP-based API, making it a great improvement for working with data imports & exports. You'll need SugarCRM 7.0 (in beta as of writing this). Full support for oauth2 login, all modules including custom, setting links/relationships. Give the new connector a test drive now.

Supports the powerful new json-based query language. Screenshot shows a sample connection to the Contacts module using a filter.

Announcing Lotus Domino/Notes Connector

Now with Starfish ETL 3.1 you can connect to any IBM Lotus Domino database (NSF file). You can set up integrations with your CRM/ERP system, or migrate data in or out of Notes. Capable of reading and writing to Lotus Notes Mailboxes, Calendars and Tasks. Our connector uses the underlying native data communication methods so security/ACL is enforced throughout. Breath new life into your IBM Lotus investment with Starfish ETL!

Or if you're considering migrating to a different system, we can help! We also have connectors to Exchange, Google/Gmail, Traditional Email (IMAP/POP3) - Try using Starfish ETL to move all your historical data.

Technology Evaluation Centers Provides Insight on Starfish ETL’s Data Migration and Integration Application

Starfish ETL is given a detailed analysis by Technology Evaluation Centers, covering platform benefits, product background and structure, core target markets, and initiatives for the future of the CRM data migration and integration product.

Des Plaines, IL — July 30, 2013 —In the recent Spotlight Report published by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), TEC Research Analyst Jorge García covers Technology Advisors’ Starfish ETL data integration and migration platform benefits, product background and structure, core target markets, and exciting initiatives for the future. The Starfish ETL (Extract Transform Load) Suite is Technology Advisors’ integration and migration tool for CRM data.

TEC’s report, titled Starfish ETL Spotlight Report: Simple and Effective CRM Data Integration and Migration, provides a background of Technology Advisors and gives a detailed analysis of Starfish ETL’s general structure, technical and functional expertise, key features, and benefits and considerations. The “Key Features” section includes full descriptions of Starfish ETL’s data migration and transformation capabilities, data mapping process, and pre-built map functionality, along with screenshots of these features.

“It was important to us to get this thorough analysis from an independent research organization like TEC,” said Technology Advisors CEO Sam Biardo. “We believe that the full insight into Starfish from this report will be a very beneficial asset to both customers inquiring about data solutions and us as a vendor.”

“Starfish ETL provides an attractive combination of narrowed expertise for CRM data migration and integration with a collection of easy yet effective transformation tools for reliable data migration,” says García in the report. He goes on to say, “Starfish ETL provides many organizations with an effective integration solution tailored for the non-technical user with an affordable price tag.”

About Technology Advisors
Technology Advisors helps businesses increase sales and marketing productivity and improve their profitability. As a global business and technology consulting company, Technology Advisors specializes in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process and technology strategies and solutions that make businesses successful, and offers Consulting, Project Management, Support, and Training. Since 1991, the company has enabled over 2,000 businesses to achieve real business results from their CRM initiatives. Headquartered in Des Plaines, IL, Technology Advisors specializes in the Financial Services, Property, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction and Professional Services.

For more information, visit, call 1-847-655-3400 or 1 877-TAI-4CRM (toll free in the U.S.) or email info(at)techadv(dot)com.

About TEC
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is the leading advocate for the enterprise software purchaser. Over 2 million decision-makers visit TEC's Web site each month to use the unique decision support system, TEC Advisor™, to access information on hundreds of software solutions and to download objective research and evaluation reports. TEC helps private- and public-sector organizations choose the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business needs—quickly, impartially, and cost-effectively.

About Jorge García
Jorge García is a senior business intelligence (BI) and data management analyst for TEC. He has more than 20 years of experience in all phases of application development, database and data warehouse (DWH) design, as well as 9 years’ experience in project management, covering best practices and new technologies in the BI/DWH space.

Prior to joining TEC, García was a senior project manager and senior analyst developing BI, DWH, and data integration applications with Oracle and SAP Business Objects. He has also worked on projects related to the implementation of BI solutions for the private sector, including the banking and services sectors. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the most important BI and DWH tools on the market.

Easily Integrate your systems with Google Apps

We're happy to release another new connector for Starfish ETL - now you can easily set up systems integrations with Google Apps!  Starfish ETL now has the ability to read all mailboxes and folders from a Gmail account. In addition to mail messages, you can also read and write Calendars, Events, Contacts, Contact Groups, and Documents. With all this functionality, setting up an ongoing sync between Google and your cloud-based CRM system will be cinch! Grab the latest verison of Starfish ETL now. Not technically savvy but need your Google data accessible from your CRM or other in-house system? Not a problem - tell us what you're looking for. Our team of experienced service professionals will quickly provide a quote for any size migration or integration project.

Tons of enhancements to Starfish ETL!

We've been really busy behind the scenes adding features and fixing bugs. Go ahead & apply updates to Starfish ETL today. Here's a rundown of some of the new things we've added in version 2.9...

  • Further improved C# scripting support speed & stability.
  • Starfish now provides a "Stage Action" variable for each stage in your job. This variable can contain "Insert", "Update" or "Delete" - very useful on Update/Insert jobs when you need to evaluation just which course was taken so you can run other conditional logic.
  • Added retry attempts in the case of timeouts or connectivity errors for lookups.
  • Added the ability to point a stage at the Origin. This one is huge - it actually allows you to update a record in your Origin connection. This means now you can perform a series of operations in your Destination, then go back and easily flag a record as "processed" in your Origin, or update a field with the external system's ID in the case of integration work.
  • Added support for uploading attachments to Sage CRM over Web Services. They said it couldn't be done! Well, check it out.. now you can load attachments easily both on-premise and against environments.
  • Updated API to the latest (version 26) for improved querying functionality & more.
  • Added better license caching support & fixed validation errors for some Eurpoean countries.
  • Made many improvements to the NetSuite connector for better support of custom fields & record types.

If you have any questions about any of these improvements, don't be shy - join us in the forums or let us know how we can help with your next migration/integration project..

Upload Attachments to SalesLogix using SData

Announcing an important new feature, you can now create and upload attachments within SalesLogix when using the SData connector. What's the significance? Previously you were able to migrate data for all entities except for attachments when using SData. You could import attachments if you had an On Premise deployment of SalesLogix, but if you used the Cloud Edition we could not move attachments. Now thanks to an update in the SData protocol, we can now move all of your files to the Cloud, allowing for more complete migrations from other systems including ACT!, Goldmine, Salesforce and other CRM systems.

Starfish ETL™ is the only ETL tool on the market that supports Sage SData and attachments for SalesLogix.  Give it a try right now!

New vtiger Connector Added to Starfish ETL™

Data migrations and integrations with vtiger CRM has never been easier. Announcing now in Starfish ETL™ 2.7, you can import and export data to any module in vtiger, including custom fields. Both On Premise and On Demand implementations are supported by our connector, through use of vtiger's flexible Web Services interface.

We've also made some significant multithreading performance gains in the latest version, among many other improvements.  ETL to the cloud at blazing speeds, using the most intuitive interface - download the trialtoday.

Think you may need a hand with your next vtiger CRM migration or integration project? Tell us about it, and we'll provide a quote ASAP.

Use Starfish ETL™ for the Fastest Migrations

For the latest release of Starfish ETL™, we've focused primarily on speed, productivity and stability. One of the largest performance boosters will be through the use of new Cross-reference ("Xref") functions. This allows you to relate two systems together quickly without the need for costly lookup functions for each row. For more information on this feature, check out the documentation page.

Additionally, version 2.6 offers:

  • Improved querying capabilities for Microsoft CRM.
  • Added support for impersonation (createdby/modifiedby) for Microsoft CRM.
  • Added support for relationships with custom modules in SugarCRM.
  • Added file IO VBScript functions to very easily Copy/Move/Delete/Read/Write operations.
  • Easier method for grabbing previous stage values through a new variable type.
  • Fixed over a dozen bugs, improving stability and run times. View the latest full changelog.

Grab the latest version by downloading it now.

Introducing the System Backup Wizard

With this new feature in Starfish ETL 2.5, you can now backup any system from the cloud to an on-site database. This is extremely useful for reporting, data warehousing & data mining or just peace of mind. The System Backup Wizard is capable of connecting to any of our CRM connectors (including NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, and SalesLogix). It will recreate all tables/entities keeping the equivalent data types, within any SQL compliant RDBMS (including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL). Then it will create a series of Starfish ETL jobs which will perform the actual backup operations. You can set it up to write a complete dump of the data, or filter only data which has been added or modified since the last time it ran. The jobs can then be scheduled to run daily to keep your backups in sync with the production system. Give it a try today, and simplify your cloud reporting! For more information about the System Backup Wizard, check out the documentation page about it.

Some examples of the backups you could perform with the System Backup Wizard:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SQL Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Oracle
  • Salesforce to Oracle
  • Salesforce to SQL Server
  • SugarCRM to MySQL
  • NetSuite to SQL Server
  • NetSuite to Oracle
  • SalesLogix Cloud to SQL Server