StarfishETL Releases New Cloud Migration Maps for NetSuite and SuiteCRM

Chicago, IL (December 5, 2018) —  StarfishETL, a powerful cloud migration and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), has just announced the release of two new CRM migration maps in its Cloud Migration Wizard. The new maps migrate data for NetSuite and SuiteCRM users.

The Cloud Migration Wizard lets even non-technical users take control of their migration through a guided Web experience. Users can choose the data they prefer to migrate, so they are only charged for the selected data. This option gives migrating companies more control over budget by deciding how much they’d like to spend on their migration. The Cloud Migration Wizard also includes the ability to migrate data stored in custom fields, ensuring important data does not have to be sacrificed when migrating to a new application.

“The ability to migrate data efficiently utilizing StarfishETL’s Cloud Migration Wizard allows companies to select the best applications for their needs knowing that their data is easily portable,” says StarfishETL Sales and Marketing Manager, Scott Smallbeck.

While the new maps migrate all Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products, Tickets, and History information; they also migrate Notes, Attachments, and customized fields.

Other pre-configured Wizard maps include combinations to-and-from Act!, bpm’online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infor CRM, Salesforce, and SugarCRM.

StarfishETL’s migration functions are robust, allowing users to transfer enterprise-level loads of data or restrict the migration to smaller data sets at their discretion. The product continues to grow and was recently recognized by G2Crowd as a High-Performer, and by FinancesOnline for Great User Experience. StarfishETL plans to release new pre-configured maps throughout 2019.




StarfishETL Releases New QuickBooks and Sugar Integration

CHICAGO, October 22, 2018 —StarfishETL, a robust integration and migration platform and G2Crowd High Performer, has released a new integration to connect QuickBooks and Sugar. This integration allows users to create a 360-degree customer view by combining the accounting information in QuickBooks with the customer insights found in Sugar. Duplicate data entry is eliminated by connecting data related to customer accounts, invoices, and payments.

The StarfishETL integration can be utilized with QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online, and Sugar’s industry-leading CRM platform. If the user hosts one system on-premise and the other in the Cloud, StarfishETL can perform a hybrid integration.

In addition to the features of the pre-configured integration, the platform’s Cloud integration wizard gives users the ability to personalize their experience by adding specialized fields and functions. The easy-to-use platform puts the power of integration in the hands of the user who can manipulate the fields to pinpoint their business needs.

“Integrating CRM systems to back-office accounting systems continues to be an area of growth for us at StarfishETL,” says David Wallace, General Manager. “We are able to combine our CRM expertise with our built-for-CRM integration platform to deliver solutions that help our customers grow their business.”

StarfishETL now offers more than 61 connectors with ERP/accounting, CRM, marketing automation, email, social media, and many legacy databases. The company continues to release new functionality to simplify and speed up integration and migration projects. 

StarfishETL Excels in Five G2 CROWD Summer 2018 Categories

Chicago, IL (July 19, 2018) – StarfishETL, a robust platform for CRM migration and integration, received high rankings in G2 Crowd’s Summer report grid. The product is among the top three in Relationship Index, On-Premises Data Integration Usability, and Cloud Relationship Index categories. Users also ranked it as a high performer with high satisfaction rates for both on-premises data integration and Cloud migration.

StarfishETL ranks among the top three products in the Relationship Index Score category. Rankings are attributed to the quality of support, ease of doing business with, and likelihood they’d recommend the business. StarfishETL excelled in all areas, positioning it above 13 of its competitors.

To qualify for the G2 Crowd On-Premises Data Integration rankings, specific criteria must be met. These requirements include: synchronizing business data and applications through an installed local network, allowing users to access and extract data from a centralized interface, and having tools or logic to be able to manipulate data as it passes between applications. StarfishETL met all the requirements, resulting in its recognition as a high performer with high satisfaction rates.

Similar to the Relationship Index category, companies are graded on three aspects for On-Premises Data Integration Usability: ease of use, ease of administration, and meeting requirements for their project. StarfishETL fended off six of its closest competitors to position the product in the top three of all companies in the category.

StarfishETL ranked as a high performer with high satisfaction in the Cloud report. To qualify for standings in the Cloud Migration category, companies must: sync applications with Cloud storage systems, assist with migration of large numbers of files and various file types through the Cloud, and provide data security tools, backup assistance, or integration with backup software to keep files safe during migration.

StarfishETL ranked high in two Cloud categories, rising to the top three products for Relationship Index score. The standards for a Cloud Relationship score include: ease of doing business with, likelihood users would recommend the company, and the quality of the support.

“We see our business model as helping our customers grow their business through simple, relevant data exchanges that are easily managed and are as risk free as possible,” says StarfishETL General Manager, David Wallace. “This is not easy to do when integrating systems, especially legacy systems. Our placement in the Grid by our customers shows us what we’re doing well and provides the feedback we need to do even better.”


StarfishETL is a feature-rich data migration and integration platform for cloud-to-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployed solutions. The platform has been recognized by various consumer review sites for its excellent user experience and high performance. The scalable platform supports migrations ranging from small to enterprise-sized businesses, and is backed by partners across the nation. To learn more about StarfishETL, please visit the website at

CONTACT: Danine Pontarelli | Director of Marketing | | 847.655.3415

StarfishETL 5.2 Release Includes Two CRM Connectors

5.2 Connects Highrise and SuiteCRM to Cloud and On-Premises Systems

Chicago, IL (June 21, 2018) – StarfishETL, a robust CRM integration and migration platform, released new connectors for Highrise CRM and SuiteCRM, adding to the platform’s award-winning usability and functionality.

The Highrise connector allows users to migrate their data to Highrise and grow their business by integrating other applications with their Highrise deployed CRM. This StarfishETL release also redesigned and updated the SuiteCRM connector to make it available on the Cloud. Both connectors enable data migration and integration in Cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments. The StarfishETL platform includes 45+ connectors to popular business applications ranging from ERP, Marketing Automation, business apps like Google and Microsoft Office, Social Media, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores. Users can also integrate their CRM system to other CRM systems.

David Wallace, general manager for StarfishETL says, “Every new connection we add is based on the needs of the market. Our goal is to provide a great migration and integration experience that lets users keep more of and use the data that matters most to them. We are excited to add Highrise to portfolio of CRM-focused connectors, and we look forward to the improvements our Cloud-enabled SuiteCRM connector will deliver to our customers.”

StarfishETL is a feature-rich data migration and integration platform for cloud-to-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployed solutions. The platform has been recognized by various consumer review sites for its excellent user experience and high performance. The scalable platform supports migrations ranging from small to enterprise-sized businesses, and is backed by partners across the nation. To learn more about StarfishETL, please visit the website at

Media Contact: Danine Pontarelli | Director of Marketing | | 847.655.3415

StarfishETL Users Rate it #1 in Usability for Integration

Product Among Top 10 in Four G2 Crowd Categories

Chicago, IL (June 5, 2018) – StarfishETL, a robust data integration and migration tool for switching business systems or sharing data between systems, received new recognition from software review site, G2 Crowd, for its data integration and migration capabilities.

The Spring Grid ranked the tool #1 in categories for “Best usability for on-premises integration” and “Easiest doing business with for on-premises integrations.” In addition, the product ranked #4 overall for high-performance Cloud migration and #10 overall for high-performance on-premises data integration.

StarfishETL was highlighted by G2 Crowd earlier this year in its list of Top B2B Chicago Tech businesses. Ratings for the Spring Grid are awarded based on a scoring methodology that aggregates reviews from the user community, online sources, and social records. G2 Crowd then uses an algorithm to calculate customer satisfaction and market presence.

“We believe we are making a difference by bringing an intelligent approach to integration,” says StarfishETL General Manager, Dave Wallace. “We keep it simple and affordable. We know customers want more control over how and when they see data. We are excited to see our platform get recognized for its exceptional user experience.”


StarfishETL’s scalable platform supports migrations and integrations from small to enterprise-sized entities. The tool is accessible in Cloud, on-premises, or with hybrid platforms to a range of business applications such as CRM, ERP, social media, email, marketing automation, and direct-to-transactional data stores. StarfishETL communicates with applications via Web services, API, or directly to other databases, ensuring full data connectivity.

To learn more about StarfishETL, please visit

StarfishETL Recognized for IT Management Software Excellence by FinancesOnline Directory

Chicago, IL (May 31, 2018) - StarfishETL, a complete data integration and migration platform for sharing data and switching to new CRM systems, received two prestigious awards from software review platform, FinancesOnline. StarfishETL was recognized for Great User Experience and as a Rising Star after FinancesOnline’s rigorous evaluation of various StarfishETL features.

FinancesOnline’s Great User Experience award is granted to products whose interfaces and features enhance product usability and simplify work processes for users. Recognition as a Rising Star under the online IT management software 2018 list reflects StarfishETL’s continued growth as a competitive player in the SaaS marketplace.

StarfishETL is known as an easy-to-use platform for integrating CRM with ERP systems with pre-built and ready-to-go integration maps. FinancesOnline experts included StarfishETL in their esteemed top 10 IT management software after recognizing the benefits this brings to businesses. StarfishETL simplifies connecting the back office to the front office using its award-winning integration platform. The platform supports Cloud and on-premises systems so even critical legacy business systems can be easily integrated. Integration with StarfishETL connects CRM systems to ERPs, email providers, social media networks, marketing automation systems, and more obscure systems like Sharepoint, GSuite, Active Directory, WUFOO, and JIRA.

Customers are drawn to the highly-configurable and scalable platform StarfishETL offers, along with the dynamic and ever-growing connections to the platforms they use most. With the ability to review StarfishETL on FinancesOnline, SMBs, mid-size, and Enterprise businesses looking for quality data tools can gain a better perspective on the features of StarfishETL and how other users have utilized its capabilities.

“We are focused on delivering an integration platform that brings data to the front office so customers can close more business,” says Dave Wallace, StarfishETL General Manager. “No need for companies to sacrifice how they do business just because customer data is held captive in siloed, critical, business systems. We are excited to see the product recognized for creating a great user experience for our customers to keep their systems, and teams, connected.”


StarfishETL is a powerful platform used to integrate ERP, marketing automation, social media, email, and even for obscure systems with your CRM. Its framework supports projects no matter the size or complexity with Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid capabilities. StarfishETL was recently awarded as a High Performer on G2Crowd and a rising star by FinancesOnline. To learn more about StarfishETL, visit

StarfishETL Ranked Top Chicago Tech Company

Chicago, IL (February 5, 2018) – StarfishETL, a robust data integration and migration tool for switching business systems or sharing data between systems, was recently featured on G2 Crowd’s State of B2B Tech in Chicago as one of the city’s top B2B tech companies.

StarfishETL is a Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid platform for CRM integration and migration that features pre-built solutions. Solutions are available for a range of popular business applications including CRM, ERP, social media, email, marketing automation, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores.

G2 Top Tech

This is the second time in three years the leading software review site has highlighted StarfishETL as a leader in Chicago tech. G2 Crowd also featured StarfishETL as one of Chicago’s best business softwares in 2015 based on user satisfaction and marketplace presence. “In the past three years alone, we’ve expanded StarfishETL’s capabilities exponentially,” says Dave Wallace, StarfishETL General Manager.

“The platform has always been highly configurable and adaptive, but late last year we also introduced our Cloud framework, which includes a do-it-yourself Cloud migration wizard and advanced Cloud integration designer. We are bringing innovative capabilities typically found in high-priced tools directly to the consumer. It’s an honor to be recognized again by G2 Crowd, and we plan to release even more exciting features in 2018.”

StarfishETL’s scalable platform supports migrations and integrations from small to enterprise-sized businesses, connecting with virtually anything. StarfishETL communicates with applications via Web services, API, or directly to other databases, ensuring full data connectivity.

Media Contact: Danine Pontarelli | Marketing Manager | | 847.655.3415

bpm’online & QuickBooks Integration Introduced by StarfishETL

CHICAGO, September 6, 2017 — StarfishETL, a powerful CRM migration and integration solution, released a pre-built integration connecting bpm’online with QuickBooks back office applications.

The integration allows users to view critical QuickBooks data from their bpm’online Account screen. Accessible information includes sales orders, invoices, invoice line items, sales order line items, payment histories, products, and QuickBooks main account details. The forms, schemas, and workflows within the integration make the product easy to install and customize. Users who need to extend the functionality can do so using a codeless map designer.

New customer data entered in QuickBooks is automatically synchronized to the existing account in bpm’online. If no existing account is found, the integration generates a new one. One-way synchronization pushes information from QuickBooks Items to the bpm’online product. From bpm’online, orders with a “won” status sync back into QuickBooks as a sales order.

The integration works with Premier, Professional, Enterprise, Simple Start, and Online versions of the QuickBooks program. All upgrades for StarfishETL and QuickBooks are applied upon their release to ensure maximum integration functionality.

To learn more about StarfishETL’s bpm’online and QuickBooks integration, visit the bpm’online Marketplace.

About StarfishETL

StarfishETL is a migration and integration framework for businesses seeking simple, risk-free ways to keep more of their customer data as they switch or integrate CRMs. Unlike expensive import/export tools with limited capabilities and scant security, this feature-rich environment connects to CRM, ERP, Marketing, Email, and even specialized programs securely with encrypted firewall. 

About bpm’online

Bpm’online is a premium vendor of intelligent products that offer unique synergy of BPM technologies and CRM for sales, marketing, service to empower organizations to accelerate time-to-strategy execution. Bpm’online’s product line provides users with the agility to change processes faster than ever and align marketing, sales and service on a single platform. Users love bpm’online’s engaging interface with a social look and feel which helps them be focused on what’s relevant. Bpm’online partnered with TAI (sister company of StarfishETL) in June of 2016.

Technology Advisors Builds Integration Between SugarCRM and Epicor ERP With StarfishETL

Chicago, IL - (May 1, 2017) –Technology Advisors Inc. (TAI), a business & technology consulting company specializing in custom software integrations and enterprise-level CRM projects, teamed up with data migration and integration service, StarfishETL, to build an integration between SugarCRM and Epicor ERP.

SugarCRM is known as the most innovative, flexible, and affordable CRM provider on the market. Epicor ERP continues to be one of the leading ERP solutions to fulfill operational needs in various industries. This CRM/ERP mapping simplifies the integration process by mapping data seamlessly between the two systems. The result creates better collaboration between sales, services, and marketing departments.

“We prioritized this integration based on the demand we were seeing from customers,” says StarfishETL General Manager, David Wallace. “What sets this particular solution apart is the combined expertise of Starfish and TAI to implement it. StarfishETL has the power and flexibility to handle any data integration thrown at it. Combine that with the skilled integration team at TAI and you have a completely supported integration experience. We continue to build out integration solutions to meet demand.”

Technology Advisors’ staff work in tandem with StarfishETL services to balance technical data needs with functional uses for business applications. The goal is to optimize the use of data for individual businesses so each can make the most of its integration. To learn more about Technology Advisors, StarfishETL, and SugarCRM please reference the notes below.

About Technology Advisors
Technology Advisors is a global business and technology consulting company specializing in the development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and custom software integrations. Since 1991, the company has helped more than 2,000 businesses increase sales, boost productivity, and improve profitability. For more information, visit

About StarfishETL
StarfishETL (Extract Transform Load) provides seamless data integration from one database to another - whether hosted, on premise, or in the cloud. This system links multiple databases and systems with extreme flexibility, power, and speed, and delivers the insights to engage customers and prospects, automate business processes, expand CRM functionality, and increase productivity. For more information, visit

About SugarCRM
SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market. Unlike traditional CRM solutions that focus primarily on management and reporting, Sugar empowers the individual, coordinating the actions of customer-facing employees and equipping them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience.

Starfish ETL Releases 4.0 Version

Migration Service Offers New Connectors & Improved Functionality

Chicago, IL (April 18, 2017) – Starfish ETL, a self-service migration and integration platform as a service solution (PaaS), launches smart connection interface and connectors for Sage CRM, Epicor, and bpm’online with its 4.0 release. The updated version uses smart connection to streamline the user experience, simplify configuration and set up, and reduce confusion.

These connectors add to Starfish’s current suite of 45+ connector options. The Sage CRM connector has been updated to reflect the most current Sage CRM integration specifications. The update allows Sage CRM users to connect their system to other CRM’s, ERP systems, eMarketing programs, business apps, and social media collaboration tools. A connector for Epicor allows integration of Epicor’s back office data to an organization’s front office data.

In addition, a new connector is available for process-driven CRM, bpm’online. The Starfish development team built the connector for customers transitioning to this emerging CRM platform.

“The Starfish product team continues to meet our customers’ integration needs by building connectors for on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions,” says Technology Advisors owner and integration expert, Sam Biardo.

David Wallace, general manager for Starfish says, “The Sage CRM connector update and additions of Epicor and bpm’online connectors were chosen strategically for our 4.0 release based on market demand for emerging Cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions.”

Starfish ETL is a feature-rich, self-service, data migration and integration platform for cloud-to-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployed solutions. The Starfish platform supports 45+ connections to popular business applications ranging from CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, business apps like Google and Microsoft Office, Social Media, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores. Its enterprise-class, scalable platform supports migrations ranging from small to enterprise-sized businesses. The company has a partner ecosystem of nearly 30 companies to address custom implementation requirements.

Starfish ETL Releases Four New Marketing Automation Connectors

Starfish ETL is releasing four new connectors compatible with marketing automation (MA) software from providers like Pardot, Act-On, Hubspot, and Marketo. 

The import/export suite of tools can now migrate data from one MA solution to another and set up ongoing integrations from a customer relationship management (CRM) or in-house software to a marketing automation system.  The connection with MA systems enables marketers to view statistics related to the success of their campaigns as information is passed back into the CRM system. Integrations between the CRM and MA keep lists synced, update mailing preferences, and automate mailings as well. 

Prior to the implementation of these four connectors, these integration and migration actions were not possible. 

“StarfishETL development continues apace with these new MA connectors. We now have connectors to the most popular marketing and CRM solutions as well as connectors to all standard database types,” says Starfish ETL Product Manager, Paul Denwood. 

Starfish ETL Launches New Tools for SMS/MMS & Social Media

Premier Import/Export Suite Offers More Ways to Connect

Data migration and integration tool, Starfish ETL (extract, transform, load) announced three new connectors to the software. The first of these connectors was launched in early November for SMS/MMS messaging. The second two connectors, released this week, support Twitter and Facebook integrations. The additions offer new communication possibilities for end users.

Starfish ETL can now orchestrate, send, and receive SMS (text) messages and MMS (picture) messages. It retrieves the messages using a new Twilio connector. In turn, the Twilio connector fetches media items related to specific messages and provides a list of sent and received messages for the user’s reference. Users must have a Twilio phone number to enable this.

On the social media side, two new connectors enable the management of outbound interactions from a CRM and can also capture tweets and posts inbound that match specified keywords. This social media integration saves the user time and helps organize social data.

“We all understand the power of Social Media and we now enable the management of Social Messaging from within a wide range of CRM applications. Whether you want to control the outbound message or collect any messages that are related to your company, products, or services, this can now be achieved with these new connectors. Also, these new connectors add capabilities to Starfish that are not available in most other ETL tools,” says Starfish ETL Product Manager Paul Denwood.

The SMS/MMS connector and the Twitter and Facebook integrations are included with a basic Starfish license.

Danine Pontarelli
Marketing Manager
Technology Advisors