Try out the new Starfish ETL Mobile app!

Try out the new Starfish ETL Mobile app!

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New with Starfish ETL 3.3, we're revealing a mobile app compatible with all current smartphones. Starfish ETL Mobile will allow you to remotely view your currently running jobs and review your job history logs. This is really useful for monitoring ongoing integrations and for keeping an eye on those important but long-running migration jobs!

The app is free to all Starfish ETL customers and is currently available on the Android Play Store.

Android app on Google Play

We're in the process of getting the app live on the App Store for Apple iOS devices. In the meantime, a web version of the mobile client is available here The web version is compatible with just about every smartphone browser on the market and will also work in your desktop browser.

Before using Starfish ETL Mobile, you'll have to get a couple things in order.

  • First, go here and register for an account:
  • If you don't have Starfish Scheduler, you'll need it for this to work - so almost make sure that's installed. Then apply updates to Starfish ETL and make sure you're on version at least 3.3.
  • In Starfish Admin, on the General tab enter the Username & Password that were generated from the first step and click Apply.
  • Start (or restart) your Starfish Scheduler service.

After completing these steps you should be able to log into the mobile app and see your Engine listed. From there you can view any currently running jobs or see a historical job run log. If you have any difficulty please visit the Starfish ETL Mobile support section in our forums.

I've worked for Technology Advisors since 2004. I've been involved in countless CRM implementations over the years. In 2009 we noticed a hole in the ETL market and began developing Starfish with a focus on CRM applications, building upon our experience in the CRM partner market. I am the lead developer of Starfish ETL. My interests include robotics and electrical engineering, music and anime.