Tons of enhancements to Starfish ETL!

We've been really busy behind the scenes adding features and fixing bugs. Go ahead & apply updates to Starfish ETL today. Here's a rundown of some of the new things we've added in version 2.9...

  • Further improved C# scripting support speed & stability.
  • Starfish now provides a "Stage Action" variable for each stage in your job. This variable can contain "Insert", "Update" or "Delete" - very useful on Update/Insert jobs when you need to evaluation just which course was taken so you can run other conditional logic.
  • Added retry attempts in the case of timeouts or connectivity errors for lookups.
  • Added the ability to point a stage at the Origin. This one is huge - it actually allows you to update a record in your Origin connection. This means now you can perform a series of operations in your Destination, then go back and easily flag a record as "processed" in your Origin, or update a field with the external system's ID in the case of integration work.
  • Added support for uploading attachments to Sage CRM over Web Services. They said it couldn't be done! Well, check it out.. now you can load attachments easily both on-premise and against environments.
  • Updated API to the latest (version 26) for improved querying functionality & more.
  • Added better license caching support & fixed validation errors for some Eurpoean countries.
  • Made many improvements to the NetSuite connector for better support of custom fields & record types.

If you have any questions about any of these improvements, don't be shy - join us in the forums or let us know how we can help with your next migration/integration project..