Technology Evaluation Centers Provides Insight on Starfish ETL’s Data Migration and Integration Application

Starfish ETL is given a detailed analysis by Technology Evaluation Centers, covering platform benefits, product background and structure, core target markets, and initiatives for the future of the CRM data migration and integration product.

Des Plaines, IL — July 30, 2013 —In the recent Spotlight Report published by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), TEC Research Analyst Jorge García covers Technology Advisors’ Starfish ETL data integration and migration platform benefits, product background and structure, core target markets, and exciting initiatives for the future. The Starfish ETL (Extract Transform Load) Suite is Technology Advisors’ integration and migration tool for CRM data.

TEC’s report, titled Starfish ETL Spotlight Report: Simple and Effective CRM Data Integration and Migration, provides a background of Technology Advisors and gives a detailed analysis of Starfish ETL’s general structure, technical and functional expertise, key features, and benefits and considerations. The “Key Features” section includes full descriptions of Starfish ETL’s data migration and transformation capabilities, data mapping process, and pre-built map functionality, along with screenshots of these features.

“It was important to us to get this thorough analysis from an independent research organization like TEC,” said Technology Advisors CEO Sam Biardo. “We believe that the full insight into Starfish from this report will be a very beneficial asset to both customers inquiring about data solutions and us as a vendor.”

“Starfish ETL provides an attractive combination of narrowed expertise for CRM data migration and integration with a collection of easy yet effective transformation tools for reliable data migration,” says García in the report. He goes on to say, “Starfish ETL provides many organizations with an effective integration solution tailored for the non-technical user with an affordable price tag.”

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About Jorge García
Jorge García is a senior business intelligence (BI) and data management analyst for TEC. He has more than 20 years of experience in all phases of application development, database and data warehouse (DWH) design, as well as 9 years’ experience in project management, covering best practices and new technologies in the BI/DWH space.

Prior to joining TEC, García was a senior project manager and senior analyst developing BI, DWH, and data integration applications with Oracle and SAP Business Objects. He has also worked on projects related to the implementation of BI solutions for the private sector, including the banking and services sectors. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the most important BI and DWH tools on the market.