StarfishETL Partners with StalwartMC

Technology Implementation Firm Expands Integration Capabilities with StarfishETL

Chicago, IL (December 9, 2019) – StarfishETL is delighted to announce its partnership with leading management consulting and technology implementation firm, StalwartMC. StalwartMC provides services across the digital landscape that include business process automation, custom app development, and CRM integration, among others.

The partnership with StarfishETL allows StalwartMC to integrate data for its customers with limited friction and full control. Customizable field and functions make each project as unique as the client it serves.

“StalwartMC understands the value of building a complete customer experience, and this partnership brings that full circle. We provide the dynamic functionality, and they use it to personalize customers’ data experiences. We’re excited to begin this relationship and we look forward to all the incredible outcomes that will result for our mutual customers,” says Tricia Cate, StarfishETL VP of Channel Sales.

Based out of Houston, TX, StalwartMC has a solid relationship with its community. The company is committed to stewardship and is involved with several charitable organizations in the area. StalwartMC works with customers nationwide to implement strategic business solutions, develop technological assets, scope and manage projects, and improve business process automation.

“Our clients depend on us to help perfect their customers’ experiences. StarfishETL gives us the capacity to deliver that complete customer experience to help projects run smoother and meet evolving needs,” says Ben Armenta, CEO of StalwartMC.                                                                                                                                                                  

StarfishETL connects a range of business applications with CRM including ERP, social media, email, marketing automation, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores. Its scalable iPaaS platform enables the integration of custom fields and functions to help users maintain their personalized data experiences. StarfishETL can integrate on-premises applications, Cloud-based solutions, or a combination per the requirements of each project.

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