StarfishETL Excels in Five G2 CROWD Summer 2018 Categories

Chicago, IL (July 19, 2018) – StarfishETL, a robust platform for CRM migration and integration, received high rankings in G2 Crowd’s Summer report grid. The product is among the top three in Relationship Index, On-Premises Data Integration Usability, and Cloud Relationship Index categories. Users also ranked it as a high performer with high satisfaction rates for both on-premises data integration and Cloud migration.

StarfishETL ranks among the top three products in the Relationship Index Score category. Rankings are attributed to the quality of support, ease of doing business with, and likelihood they’d recommend the business. StarfishETL excelled in all areas, positioning it above 13 of its competitors.

To qualify for the G2 Crowd On-Premises Data Integration rankings, specific criteria must be met. These requirements include: synchronizing business data and applications through an installed local network, allowing users to access and extract data from a centralized interface, and having tools or logic to be able to manipulate data as it passes between applications. StarfishETL met all the requirements, resulting in its recognition as a high performer with high satisfaction rates.

Similar to the Relationship Index category, companies are graded on three aspects for On-Premises Data Integration Usability: ease of use, ease of administration, and meeting requirements for their project. StarfishETL fended off six of its closest competitors to position the product in the top three of all companies in the category.

StarfishETL ranked as a high performer with high satisfaction in the Cloud report. To qualify for standings in the Cloud Migration category, companies must: sync applications with Cloud storage systems, assist with migration of large numbers of files and various file types through the Cloud, and provide data security tools, backup assistance, or integration with backup software to keep files safe during migration.

StarfishETL ranked high in two Cloud categories, rising to the top three products for Relationship Index score. The standards for a Cloud Relationship score include: ease of doing business with, likelihood users would recommend the company, and the quality of the support.

“We see our business model as helping our customers grow their business through simple, relevant data exchanges that are easily managed and are as risk free as possible,” says StarfishETL General Manager, David Wallace. “This is not easy to do when integrating systems, especially legacy systems. Our placement in the Grid by our customers shows us what we’re doing well and provides the feedback we need to do even better.”


StarfishETL is a feature-rich data migration and integration platform for cloud-to-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployed solutions. The platform has been recognized by various consumer review sites for its excellent user experience and high performance. The scalable platform supports migrations ranging from small to enterprise-sized businesses, and is backed by partners across the nation. To learn more about StarfishETL, please visit the website at

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