Starfish ETL Launches New Tools for SMS/MMS & Social Media

Premier Import/Export Suite Offers More Ways to Connect

Data migration and integration tool, Starfish ETL (extract, transform, load) announced three new connectors to the software. The first of these connectors was launched in early November for SMS/MMS messaging. The second two connectors, released this week, support Twitter and Facebook integrations. The additions offer new communication possibilities for end users.

Starfish ETL can now orchestrate, send, and receive SMS (text) messages and MMS (picture) messages. It retrieves the messages using a new Twilio connector. In turn, the Twilio connector fetches media items related to specific messages and provides a list of sent and received messages for the user’s reference. Users must have a Twilio phone number to enable this.

On the social media side, two new connectors enable the management of outbound interactions from a CRM and can also capture tweets and posts inbound that match specified keywords. This social media integration saves the user time and helps organize social data.

“We all understand the power of Social Media and we now enable the management of Social Messaging from within a wide range of CRM applications. Whether you want to control the outbound message or collect any messages that are related to your company, products, or services, this can now be achieved with these new connectors. Also, these new connectors add capabilities to Starfish that are not available in most other ETL tools,” says Starfish ETL Product Manager Paul Denwood.

The SMS/MMS connector and the Twitter and Facebook integrations are included with a basic Starfish license.

Danine Pontarelli
Marketing Manager
Technology Advisors