SQLite Xref Support

Starfish now supports using a SQLite database for Cross-Reference (Xref) tracking. This has the advantage of allowing you to read and write an xref in the same job. In addition, if you initialize the xref in append mode, it will append new items to the list but also update records that already exist. With the file system xref lists, records would be duplicated instead of updated. You can initialize the xref and use the append/overwrite checkbox to choose the behavior of the xref list upon write. You can also use database xref lists without initializing them. The default behavior of an un-initialized database xref list is append mode. To enable using the SQLite database, edit the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\StarfishEngine\Web.config file and change UseDatabaseXref to True.

Find more information about Cross-Reference (Xref) tracking in the wiki. We also added a page on how to access newer .accdb Access databases.

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