Starfish ETL Releases 4.0 Version

Migration Service Offers New Connectors & Improved Functionality

Chicago, IL (April 18, 2017) – Starfish ETL, a self-service migration and integration platform as a service solution (PaaS), launches smart connection interface and connectors for Sage CRM, Epicor, and bpm’online with its 4.0 release. The updated version uses smart connection to streamline the user experience, simplify configuration and set up, and reduce confusion.

Easier connection setup, bpm'online connector & more

We're extremely proud today to be announcing the release of Starfish ETL 4.0. In recent versions, a number of connectors have been redeveloped from the ground up including Salesforce, SData, Email, and Sage CRM. In this release, we've taken this opportunity to remove the old/deprecated versions of these connectors. We've also cleaned up our codebase by eliminating unnecessary dependencies which should result in faster software loading times.

Deciding Which Dynamics CRM Objects to Migrate Based on Associated Activity

When migrating data from Dynamics CRM, there might be a need to determine which specific objects have Activities such as "Tasks" associated with them. This is especially important in the context of data cleansing because one might not want to migrate data that has not had any activity(tasks) against it in a while.

Since records typically have a lot of historical activity associated with them, during the data migration discovery process we often have to ask the question: If there are no tasks associated with this record, should we even migrate it?

Generating StarfishETL Cross-Reference Files from MSCRM Picklists

When using Starfish to migrate from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a different CRM system, you may need to create cross reference files that translate picklist codes to actual text values. This is particularly true if you don’t have a full Dynamics CRM instance setup for the database you are migrating from. In such as situation, the database returns numeric codes for picklist values instead of their actual text. This makes it hard to work with because of the need to manually translate each number to its matching text value.

The Power of Indexing

We recently had a migration from ACT to Salesforce. One of the migration steps was to create Account records in a staging database from ACT Contacts. The source had 24,000 records and there were matching rules on three fields: Address 1, City, and Company Name.

It took 15 minutes to get through about 20,000 rows, but then, it started to run very slowly and ended up taking nearly three hours to complete. The staging database was just a basic database created in Microsoft Access.

Infor CRM Date Offsets With Starfish ETL

We recently ran into an issue in our Starfish ETL data integrations between a back-end ERP system and Infor CRM. We noticed that Date/Time fields were imported successfully via the OLEDB provider but displayed incorrectly inside the CRM application.

Infor CRM was doing the GMT adjustment to the Date/Time field correctly, so the problem could not be traced to faulty CRM functionality. Instead, this meant the initial data must have been incorrect.

Starfish ETL Launches New Tools for SMS/MMS & Social Media

Premier Import/Export Suite Offers More Ways to Connect

Data migration and integration tool, Starfish ETL (extract, transform, load) announced three new connectors to the software. The first of these connectors was launched in early November for SMS/MMS messaging. The second two connectors, released this week, support Twitter and Facebook integrations. The additions offer new communication possibilities for end users.


What is Starfish ETL?

The Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) suite is a fast, flexible and powerful import/export tool. A simple to configure tool to migrate your data, completely!

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