Developer Mentoring

Mentoring to Maximize Your Potential

StarfishETL puts your business in the driver’s seat with pre-built maps, an intuitive interface, and a visual designer to craft your data projects. While developers are innately savvy at picking up new technologies, a little upfront mentoring can help them complete their projects even faster and with less friction. We offer developer mentoring to get your team up-to-speed on the basic processes for building maps and connectors. Read below to learn more about these services and request mentoring for your next project.

Mapping Mentoring

In this 4-hour mentoring segment, developers learn the fundamentals of StarfishETL and how to use its tools to build integrations and migrations. A product overview highlights all the major functions of the solution, while a joint session with our expert team guides the developer through building their first map.

Connector & Mapping Mentoring

In this more comprehensive training course, our experts walk developers through joint builds of both connectors and maps. Connectors define the functions necessary for solutions to communicate (read or write data) with a given system. The maps outline which fields connect where between your migrating or integrating systems.

ServicesMapping MentoringConnector & Mapping MentoringHours
Provide an overview of StarfishETL: login, project setup, using connectors, creating jobs, data transformation, xref, field record events, job events, error log1.5
Build a connector2
Q&A connector support1
Review of completed connector1
Build a partial map1
Q&A and troubleshooting1
Review of completed map0.5
Total Hours48

Need More Mentoring Hours?

Request additional mentoring hours at an hourly rate to use however you like.
Individual mentoring hours are $185.00/hour.