Is their a function to populate lookup fields related to an entity in MCRM?

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I didn't found in your documentation how to populate a lookup field that is related to an entity.

I already created my entity in MCRM and populated it with the list we used in GM (more than 300 hundreds king of events/meetings) by exporting it from GM to import it into MCRM.

The purpose of this entity I created is that after, MCRM users will be able to perform a lookup into the entity containing the "events" and, to allow them to create new ones.

I used the picklist function without problem, but now, I would like to know how to do in this case.

So on one part, I have my GM field containing the data picked up from a lookup field also, on the other and, I built the entity to migrate this data.

Any suggestions or code proposal?


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If the Lookup is set up to only relate to a single entity type, then you should simply supply the GUID of the entity's record you want it related to.

If the Lookup field can be related to multiple different types of entities, you need to use the below format:


Let me know if you have any questions

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worked :)

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