How to parse the data stored in bits?

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Table 1 is the reference table which stores the choices (can select multiple values in UI). Table 2 stores the sum of the selected BitAttribute. E.g If the user selects options as Client, Contact, Relative then the value stored in the Table 2 will be 35 (2 + 1 + 32). How can I parse the ContactAttributeBits through VB Script or C#?

Table 1

BitAttribute Description
1 Contact
2 Client
4 Vendor
8 Prospect
16 Professional Service
32 Relative
64 Employee
128 Friends
256 Family
512 Additional
1024 Other
1073741824 Former Client

[i]Table 2
9 Name1
32 Name2
1 Name3
2 Name4
4 Name5
162 Name6
8 Name7
32 Name8
1073741824 Name9
256 Name10
512 Name11
40 Name12

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Normally you'd evaluate this type of data through Bitwise Operators (AND/OR).. I'm not an expert, but here's a couple good write ups on how you might evaluate that data..

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