Scheduling Jobs via the Starfish Scheduler

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Anosh Wadia
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Can you assist with some high level information about how jobs are scheduled within Starfish? Specifically I was wondering:
1) Once the job is built…do I have to deploy to web service?
2) Once this is done, where do I set the actual schedule? I'm poking around but I don't see where this is done.
3) When you set the schedule…..does it set the schedule for ALL the jobs in the Starfish SPD which run one after another…….or does it let you schedule a time for each individual job?


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Justin Kuehlthau's picture Justin Kuehlthau
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Here is my understanding. I'm sure Aron will correct me if I am wrong.

1. The web service is where the Jobs run, so Jobs must be deployed to the web service. Only one Project Document can be deployed to the web service at a time. The Project Document, or file, can contain many Jobs.
2. Schedules are set on the Mapping tab on the right side of the ribbon.


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Aron Hoekstra's picture Aron Hoekstra
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There’s a couple things to keep in mind for scheduler which maybe isn't immediately apparent..

· You set the schedule on the Mapping tab, click the Schedule button – click the Enable checkbox

· Each job can have it’s own schedule, OR they can be chained. For chaining, you enable the schedule on the first job, and any following chained jobs will execute in order. The schedule is complete when the last job in the chain completes.

· After enabling a schedule OR changing any schedule you have to 1) Deploy the project to web service, then 2) restart the Starfish Schedule service – you have to do both or the changes won’t be picked up by the service

· Check the Windows Event Log (Application) for logs and information regarding the schedule runs.

Hope this helps

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Anosh Wadia's picture Anosh Wadia
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Can you clarify what happens in the following cases:

Scenario 1: I currently have a Starfish map deployed and scheduled and its running well.
I now rename the *.spd file. Does this have any impact on the scheduled task, does it need to be redeployed?

Scenario 2: I currently have a Starfish map deployed and scheduled
I now rename it and also make another copy of it Starfish-PROD and Starfish-DEV. I only want the Starfish-PROD file to be scheduled and run everyday. Do I have to redeploy this job?

Scenario 3: I currently have a Starfish map deployed and scheduled
If I want to make a change to the map, would I implement the change and then redeploy again, or does it pick up on the change automatically from the saved SPD document?

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Aron Hoekstra's picture Aron Hoekstra
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1: If you're simply renaming the SPD but nothing in the actual mappings, then no you don't have to re-deploy. When you deploy you're actually sending a copy of your mapping to the server. The server doesn't reference the original SPD file directly. It maintains it's own copy, but is overwritten each time you deploy.

2: Again, if you're not changing the mappings themselves then you don't have to deploy. Keep in mind once you deploy PROD, its on the server... But if you open the DEV file and deploy/preview/or run it'll overwrite your PROD jobs with the ones in your DEV file. Having a seperate PROD/DEV becomes a little tricky.. In this scenario I'd recommend setting up two StarfishEngine's (copy the IIS Virtual Directory), then use the Set Web Service URL to switch between the engine's for 2 separate ones.. one for PROD & one for DEV. Let me know if you'd like a hand setting that up. Still not a perfect solution because when working in Admin, you'll have to remember to switch which environment you're working in.. We're open to suggestions if you think of something that'd make it easier.

3: The server will not know about the change you make in the map unless you deploy - this is because the server is working off a copy of the mapping from the last time you deployed. make sense?

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