HubSpot & Infor Essentials

New Date To Be Announced Soon!

HubSpot & Infor Essentials

Looking for an easier way to integrate HubSpot with Infor CRM?

StarfishETL offers an out-of-the-box connection for all your standard fields, so you can start sharing your data faster and improving your processes sooner. Want to learn more? Join us for the webinar.

  • Integrate faster with a pre-built map
  • Get up-and-running on day one
  • Connect all your crucial fields
  • Personalize it with your custom fields

What are Essentials?

You want to integrate your data, but you don't want it to take a long time. So, what are your options? StarfishETL Essentials helps you integrate core business solutions faster by providing the connections to all your standard fields upfront. With your basic fields connected quickly, you can then add in custom fields to truly make the project your own.

New Essentials are being built all the time! These easy-to-implement integrations are offered for certain connections to CRM and marketing, CRM and finance, CRM and email, and CRM and social media. Learn more about what's available on our Essentials page.

Want to request a new Essentials for our roadmap? Reach out to us at