Migrating from ACT! to Salesforce? Starfish ETL™ is the secure and powerful way to move your data.

This CRM migration map will migrate ACT! to Salesforce.

Download the ACT! to Salesforce Migration Starter Kit

Supported Versions of ACT! for migrating to Salesforce:

This map is set to use the SQL versions of ACT!. If you have the older flat-file version of ACT!, a simple upgrade process can get you on SQL for the migration. Duplicate companies are merged into a single Company record, with contact records underneath it, based on Company Name + City, though this logic can easily be changed to fit your needs. This is done through the use of a temporary database file, included in the download.

You will have to create 4 custom External ID fields in Salesforce, as defined in the included "instructions.txt" file, to allow for ID cross-referencing.

The Prebuilt Data Map includes the following data from ACT! to migrate to Salesforce:

  • Users
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Notes
  • History
  • Activities
  • Attachments

What is Starfish ETL?

The Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) suite is a fast, flexible and powerful import/export tool. A simple to configure tool to migrate your data, completely!

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