Migrate from NetSuite to Infor CRM

NetSuite to Infor CRM Migration

Migrating from NetSuite to Infor CRM is Easy with StarfishETL

Don’t let the world of data become a daunting place. With StarfishETL, you always have a friend nearby. StarfishETL secures your NetSuite data behind a firewall and keeps it organized as you move to your new Infor CRM system. Our intuitive mapping and DIY platform make it easy! Use our cloud migration wizard as a risk-free way to test your data and see results in real-time. Or, have one of our knowledgeable partners do the migration for you. No matter your preferred approach, we’re here to help you achieve CRM migration success. Let’s do this.

Mapping Available

Awesome! We have a pre-built map waiting just for you. Simply create your account to get started with our cloud migration wizard. StarfishETL seamlessly moves your information while maintaining relationships and user identity. View the supported modules for your NetSuite to Infor CRM migration below.

NetSuiteInfor CRM
Account ParentsAccount Parents
Price LevelsProduct Program
Tasks, EventsActivities, History

Migration X-To-X Description

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with your NetSuite to Infor CRM migration, create your account and use our cloud migration wizard to quickly test your migrating fields. Review results in real-time and adjust any rogue fields. Then, choose your desired migration fields, do the full migration, and be on your way! It’s the fastest, simplest way to migrate from NetSuite to Infor CRM. Click the “Start Migration Now” button above to start using the wizard now. Don't have time for a full migration today? The wizard saves your work, so when you log back in you can pick up right where you left off.

Request Migration help

If your migration needs special attention, let us help you. Our team of experts will customize your experience and do all the work so you can sit back, relax, and watch the data magic unfold. To request migration services, fill out the form.

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Data Security Backed by Amazon Web

When it comes to your sensitive information, we don’t take anything for granted. StarfishETL doubles down on data safety by providing strict data encryption, cloud security, and data law compliance via Amazon web. Amazon checks it, we double-check it, and you reap the rewards of a secure system.

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