QuickBooks integration for SugarCRM with StarfishETL makes all of your QuickBooks data – accounts, contacts, open orders, payment status and terms, invoices and quotes – viewable and synchronized within SugarCRM. The open mapping in StarfishETL makes it easy to customize to fit your unique business needs. Include your custom fields in SugarCRM without a programmer.

Using the StarfishETL Connector framework, our QuickBooks connector makes your company file look like any other type of database, allowing you to query data using traditional SQL statements.


  • Automatic synchronization of new customer data entered in QuickBooks to new or existing accounts and contacts in SugarCRM
  • One-way synchronization from QuickBooks Items into Sugar's Products.
  • From SugarCRM's Account screen, view
    • QuickBooks main account detail, including balance, terms, calculated 30/60/90/120+ fields
    • Invoices
    • Invoice Line Items
    • Sales Orders
    • Sales Order Line Items
    • Payment History
  • Invoices and Invoice Line Items posted in QuickBooks
  • Easy to install, customize, and use

Our integration supports QuickBooks Premier, Professional, Enterprise, Simple Start, and Online Edition. All QuickBooks editions are supported starting from 2002 to the most recent QuickBooks version. In addition, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, and UK editions are supported starting from 2003.

Compatible with all versions of SugarCRM, including on-premise and on-demand.

Our integration includes all the necessary modules and screens for SugarCRM, StarfishETL and the pre-built integration map to integrate the two systems. Unlimited upgrades for both Starfish and the QuickBooks connector as they are released during the life of your subscription. Option to upgrade StarfishETL to the full version to use for other integrations and imports. Complete the form below to get started.

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The Starfish ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) suite is a fast, flexible and powerful import/export tool. A simple to configure tool to migrate your data, completely!

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