CSV Destination - destination table not found in database

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Adam Pinilla
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I'm trying to export to a CSV on the disk. I select my destination as CSV, point the file selector to the file in a folder. When I got to the Mapping tab to create a stage to do mapping, I get a "destination table not found in database" after I select the 'filename#csv' option in the table selector.

I've tried cheating my way past it a few times by:

- manually editing the connection string to include the file name
- manually editing the select table field to include the real file name
- running the job without a mapping
- trashing the CSV connector and rolling back to an ODBC file data connection

Starfish is Run as Administrator.

Anyone have any advice on the way to go here?

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Justin Kuehlthau's picture Justin Kuehlthau
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I have never been able to use the CSV connector as a destination.  That said, I've never really tried.  I use a script to create CSV files.  I've used this to nightly pull over 100,000 records out of SugarCRM and write to a local CSV.  https://wiki.starfishetl.com/index.php/Pull_data_from_a_source_and_write...



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Adam Pinilla's picture Adam Pinilla
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That's handy. Thanks! I'll just do it like that.

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